Wired Next Fest 2016

May 27-29, 2016

Wired Next Fest

Following the success of last year’s event, which recorded a turnout of over 108 thousand people, Wired Next Fest, organized by Wired Italia, returns to Milan for the fourth consecutive year on May 27 to 29.

The Wired Next Fest, a free entry event, is an amusement park where you can experience innovation in science, technology, economy, politics, entertainment and culture. You can meet more than 150 speakers, listen to concerts, watch artistic performances and participate in various laboratories and workshops for all ages, from 3D printing to the drones and from video games to coding marathons.

The major theme that will be presented in Milan is “Time.” Time’s meaning is rapidly changing due to innovations (not just digital) in recent years. Think of the scientific studies on human longevity, if not immortality, or how our day, divided to moments of work, socializing, information and entertainment continuously melts because of our lives always connected to the Internet.
Cloud4Wi is proud to announce its participation in Wired Next Fest 2016. On May 29 Luca Valtriani, Regional Sales Director at Cloud4Wi, will showcase the powerful possibilities behind Volare platform.

In particular, he will analyze how the convenience of online shopping has changed consumer expectations for brick-and-mortar stores. He will also discuss how retailers with guest Wi-Fi in place are able to provide shoppers with a superior mobile experience.

However, there are still many retailers who have yet to embark upon this exciting opportunity, as they fear the perceived complexities of implementing a proper guest Wi-Fi. Luca is going to show how Cloud4Wi can play an important role in reshaping the in-store experience by framing changes in the retail landscape including the growing need for guest Wi-Fi. He will then continue to demystify what’s needed for successful guest Wi-Fi implementation.

If you’re attending Wired Next Fest in Milan and would like to learn about guest Wi-Fi innovations to boost the customer experience, find the Cloud4Wi team at the event or contact us now.

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