June 24, 2022

Cloud4Wi joins WifiForward Affiliation

WifiForward Affiliation

We are pleased to now be a part of the WifiForward affiliation, alongside many other great companies such as Google, Comcast, and Microsoft.

WifiForward is an ad hoc, broad-based group of companies, organizations and public sector institutions working to alleviate the WiFi spectrum crunch and to support making WiFi even better by finding more unlicensed spectrum.

The WifiForward coalition will marshal support to:

  • protect and strengthen existing unlicensed spectrum designations
  • free up new spectrum for unlicensed use at a variety of frequencies, including low, medium, and high-frequency bands
  • establish investment-friendly, transparent and predictable unlicensed rules that encourage growth and deployment.

To learn more about WifiForward and their mission, visit www.wififorward.org

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