Restaurant and coffee shop owners are eager to improve their business performance. Leveraging customers’ tendency to use Wi-Fi-enabled devices, they have a great opportunity to collect location-based data and analyze visitors’ behaviors and preferences. These data can then be transformed into strategies that influence purchase intents and keep customers coming back.

Want to learn more? Check out the infographic provided by Cloud4Wi, an innovative platform to enhance every aspect of guest Wi-Fi. The powerful analytics refer to a Managed Service Provider who has selected Cloud4Wi to deliver fully branded Wi-Fi services to restaurants and coffee shops.

Selected key Analytics:

  • There are 640 locations managed with more than 2,700 Wi-Fi users per month
  • The most popular login option is signing in by username and password
  • Wi-Fi users are always on the go thus smart phone is the top device of choice
  • Wi-Fi users spend an average of 8 minutes online in coffee shops or restaurants