wifi bus splash portal

We have a need to always be connected, even when we’re on the go. Travelers and commuters are becoming more demanding of Wi-Fi not just at hubs and stations, but on actual fleets as well – this can include planes, buses, trains, and subways. That’s why we’ve created a new use case to showcase how Wi-Fi on a fleet can work. Introducing Veloce, a sample bus company bringing travelers and tourists to various major cities around Western Europe.

Veloce is known for having modern, high-tech buses, making the journey as memorable as the destination. Buses are equipped with spacious leg room, individual power outlets, and fleet-wide Wi-Fi. By allowing passengers to get connected, they can plan routes for future travels, book tickets, and provide feedback to the bus company.

Request a demo today and see how offering guest Wi-Fi on transportation fleets can enhance the travel experience for passengers everywhere.

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