WiFi offload

The proliferation of data-heavy content, increasing demand for data, and advances in mobile technology have sparked a surge in mobile data usage. With Cloud4Wi’s WiFi offload solution, you can reduce your costs, while providing top-notch services to subscribers

WiFi Offload

Leading global service providers rely on Cloud4Wi


Power your WiFi offload initiative with Cloud4Wi

Managed Locations

At your managed locations

Get your subscribers securely and automatically connected to the WiFi network, when they visit any of the business clients’ locations.

At WBA OpenRoaming locations

Join the WBA OpenRoaming Federation with ease. Enable your subscribers to go online automatically and securely in any location of the federation.

Partners' locations

At partners’ locations

Enable your subscribers to get access to WiFi when they visit any locations of your partners – with a secure and frictionless user experience.