Depending on its size and mission, your company’s WiFi hotspot installation can be very small (but important) or an enterprise network (even more important). The network can be easy to manage or near impossible to control. It can empower your local managers in their stores or further isolate them from headquarters. It can attract and empower both customers and employees, or chase them away.

Getting the desired happy outcome does not have to be difficult, but it is easier with a powerful, yet flexible platform and help from pros who know how to implement it.


Your company’s WiFi hotspots link customers to your network, online services and applications. The hotspot should offer easy log-on for customers, but might also impose some requirements and limitations.

For instance, most merchants would like WiFi hotspot users to provide an email address or log in through social media so they can be identified (for presence analytics) and marketed to via email and/or text messages. Getting opt-in permission is easier when you offer something in return, such as free in-store Internet and access to coupons, specials, or other marketing tools.

Furthermore, some jurisdictions require operators to gather identity information about WiFi users, something our platform does easily.

Considering the limitations, if you want to require WiFi hotspot users to get an access code, perhaps as the result of a purchase, platforms can support that, too. Likewise, a limitation of usage whether in one session or over the course of a day, intended to prevent WiFi hotspot users from “camping” in coffee houses, restaurants, and other comfortable places.

You also probably want users to agree to the terms of use and privacy policies, get logged in and connect to the Internet.

Once connected, you would be wise to show branded content and promotions. This is company-wide content that can be set up for all locations at once. However, each store is different, or at least can be if the WiFi hotspot management allows it.

Hotspot management made simple

The Cloud4Wi platform allows some management functions to be delegated out to the local level, enabling those managers to localize their store’s WiFi hotspot to current events and promotions of interest to their customers. This is a powerful feature that, with just a little work, empowers local managers and customers to build a community, centered around your brand.

All this is enabled through a simple management console accessible. Every hotspot and all its features and permissions are available to the administrator. So is usage information, across the networks and down to the individual user or device.

The email addresses gathered from users can drive engagement campaigns or be harvested for use by other applications. Likewise, information about customers’ presence and foot traffic.

All this makes WiFi hotspot an impressive business tool, but one that doesn’t require a lot of IT experience to manage or operate. Good systems are designed so marketing executives and staff can do most of the work, freeing the IT team for other tasks.

Our platform is built this way because we believe every business, of every size, needs a WiFi hotspot to meet the customer expectations and, going forward, to compete effectively.

Take a look at Cloud4Wi and tell us how we’ve done.