We present five reasons why restaurant WiFi, which we offer, is tremendously important for locations everywhere. Offering WiFi in restaurants gives you a competitive advantage in the sense of tracking customers’ behaviors and building customer loyalty.

Here are the five arguments, each followed by our reasoning:

1) Increase customer satisfaction: Restaurant WiFi gets customers connected, regardless of location and at no cost to the customer.

Your restaurant may be situated in a shopping mall or some other wireless location, where there might be little or no coverage. If there is no WiFi, customers will be using cellular data plan minutes, at their own expense. If no cellular data is available, your restaurant WiFi is the only possible connection in most cases.

Regardless, your free restaurant WiFi is a hero. Offering fast and easy-to-use restaurant WiFi within your location should be excellent. Customers are usually looking to get online quickly so click-through (with custom fields) or social login options could meet their specific needs.

2) Build a unique customer database: Just by asking customers to register to use WiFi, restaurants have found it is easy to collect valuable information about customers. Lists generated through restaurant WiFi paired with customer analytics can help restaurants define business strategies and design future marketing opportunities to make their database even more effective. Offering newsletters, prizes, games, and other fun promotions build customer loyalty and encourage repeat business.

3) Track individual customer behaviors: The WiFi network records when your customers arrive and leave your restaurant. This data can optionally be matched to register receipts, loyalty programs, and other information. If the customer has not been seen in a while, their absence can trigger a targeted “we want you back” promotion.

Customers can also be surveyed so restaurant owners can learn more about their likes and dislikes, including automated satisfaction surveys after each visit.

4) Boost the brand perception: Restaurant WiFi enables you to align your messaging based on the customers’ moment in their purchase journey. With sophisticated customers connecting across a variety of devices and situations, your branded welcome portal is a great opportunity to showcase the information customers value such as special offers, promotions, useful links, etc.

Some restaurants are always providing new offers while others have menus so timeless that changes are made only gradually if they must occur at all.

Most restaurants fall somewhere between the extremes and find it a positive and valuable brand enhancement to provide a parade of related features and promotions along with ongoing customer engagement through restaurant WiFi.

5) Promote specials: Restaurant WiFi offers many promotional tools as well as the ability to personalize offers based on guest behavior and personal data. This means restaurants can reach their most valuable customers before, during, and after their visits, making offers that match their past behaviors and known interests.

Finally, and this is a bonus reason #6, restaurant WiFi is one of the most important investments in restaurants because you are almost sure to make it sooner or later.

Why? Because your competitors are already installing new guest WiFi systems of their own, though perhaps not an innovative platform such as Cloud4Wi’s Volare™.

It is not too late to benefit from first-mover advantage among your competitors. Innovative restaurants are already installing restaurant WiFi, such as our Volare platform, for all the reasons already given.

Volare is an excellent value and works with any WiFi hardware you are already using. It is an easy installation for restaurant chains of any size, offers smart and easy management features, and starts building customer data and engagement from the very first day.

If you are interested to know what Volare can do for your business, contact us now!

We look forward to hearing from you.