WBA OpenRoaming

Transform the way you provide WiFi access with WBA OpenRoaming
WBA OpenRoaming

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Discover the three pillars of the WBA OpenRoaming

The WBA OpenRoaming is a global wireless roaming service that allows users to automatically access over 1M of WiFi networks on a global scale
WBA OpenRoaming

Cloud federation

It’s a federation of networks and IDPs enabling automatic roaming and user onboarding on WiFi


Cyber security

It ensures simple, secure and scalable WiFi connections among the members of the federation

Network automation

It defines an automated roaming framework to support policy provision on devices and networks

Embrace the WBA OpenRoaming framework with flexibility

Effortlessly select your direction: WiFi Network Provider, Identity Provider, or both. Cloud4Wi make it easy for you

Play as WiFi Network Provider

Increase the WiFi adoption in your locations

Automatically connect all users that have a device provisioned via a third-party WBA OR IDP, as soon as they arrive at your locations


Play as Identity Provider

Deliver automatic secure WiFi experiences globally

Leverage Cloud4Wi’s IDP as a service to distribute your own profile to your users through a tailored onboarding experience, so that they can access WiFi worldwide

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Explore how Cloud4Wi can seamlessly work on top of your WiFi infrastructure

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