On-site behavior analytics

Meet Volare Spaces. Unlock the potential of on-site behavior analytics.


Learn how to obtain insights into on-site customer behaviors for more informed marketing decisions and increased understanding of their effectiveness

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Use on-site behavior analytics and understand the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns

on-site behavior analytics

Understand customer behaviors

Find out how marketing campaigns perform by analyzing behavioral metrics, such as traffic index, attraction rate, bounce rate, returning rate, and average visit duration.

Analyze traffic over time

Analyze the traffic distribution across the hours of the day, and across the days of the week. Better define your marketing strategies and see how they perform.

Analyze traffic across zones

By measuring the traffic distribution across zones, you can find out the effectiveness of marketing campaigns promoting specific product categories.

Learn from heatmaps

Discover where customers gather and spend most of their time on-site and how they move within your locations. Analyze on-site behaviors by customer gender and age.


Bring on-site behavior analytics into your everyday processes to increase marketing effectiveness.

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Enjoy actionable analytics

Don’t be intimidated by big data. The powerful AI-driven algorithms turn the massive volume of data collected into actionable insights.

Identify trends easily

Enjoy the powerful set of tools and reports to easily visualize quantitative data. Quickly discover new trends and compare them over time to measure performance.

Get a unified and real-time view

Visualize insights into customer behaviors across all your locations with a single, cloud-based dashboard. Access data in real-time, within a secure environment.

Make informed decisions quickly

Select from a rich set of APIs and webhooks to ingest on-site behavior analytics into third-party business systems for a comprehensive overview of your digital business.


Add Volare Sense – the new WiFi sensor – on top of Volare Spaces and better understand the traffic distribution across different areas within your location.


Get better understanding

Easily install Volare Sense in selected locations to gather more data, with minimal impact on the IT infrastructure and operations

Enjoy flexibility of deployment

Freely decide where to install the Volare Sense in your locations, for example, on the wall or on a table. There is no physical constraint, thanks to WiFi backhauling.

Experience plug-and-play simplicity

Forget tedious processes to make things work. Volare Sense is plug-and-play, and doesn’t require any calibration or complicated set-up.

Protect your investments

Improve business effectiveness with a significant TCO reduction. Volare Sense uses your existing WiFi network to provide more accurate location analytics.

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