Volare, our location analytics and marketing platform, is delivering value to our clients in over 15,000 locations in more than 80 countries. The breadth and depth of our platform capabilities means that purchase motivations vary by client. At the risk of over-simplification, we’re now sharing a version of our Return on Investment (ROI) calculator that helps quantify some of these benefits.

See the most quantifiable business drivers

The Volare ROI Calculator presents meaningful results, clearly demonstrating Volare’s value in increasing four key business drivers:


Growing the customer database

Volare makes it simple to collect customer profiles, and understand customer demographics and on-premise behaviors to define better your strategies. If your customers opted-in to receive your promotional communications, you can also easily engage them.


Boosting social media presence

Facebook and other social media networks are key drivers of your success. They also create a powerful bandwagon effect that helps boost your business through ongoing interaction and appearing successful to current and potential customers. Through the social login, Volare empowers you to spread your social media exposure by increasing, for example, likes to your Facebook page.


Collecting customer feedback

If you don’t regularly survey your customers, for example, to measure your NPS, you probably should. Customer feedback should help drive decisions, but cannot if questioning customers is too painful or expensive. It is neither with Volare.


Promoting the business

By leveraging Volare, you can turn one-time visitors into loyal customers. If your customers opted-in to receive your promotional communications, you can also deliver personalized special offers. This way you can generate more revenues.

Discover the tough questions

The Volare ROI Calculator brings these numbers to life, with sliders provided for input flexibility. Completing the calculation requires a company-specific estimate of four critical parameters: What is an opted-in customer profile worth to your company? What is a social media follower worth? What is a completed survey worth? And, finally, how will more promotion result in greater sales and what is that worth?

These questions not only form the basis of the Volare ROI Calculator but also make it possible to create implementation goals and estimate the value of reaching them. An ROI result also provides potent incentive to keep implementation and upgrades top-of-mind as the program proceeds.

But wait, there’s more

While the Volare ROI Calculator captures value for some of the marketing capabilities for the platform, it is far more difficult to come up with a generic ROI tool to quantify the benefits of location analytics or specific projects.   Here are some of the more important purchase motivations that are not included in our tool, but might be a primary consideration for your business. We’re happy to work with you on your project justification for these benefits.

  • Personalized customer experience through a “digital front door”
  • People counting in locations and in aggregate for operations enhancement
  • Location analytics for operations enhancement
  • Providing mobile app functionality with no mobile app
  • On-site campaigns to encourage mobile app downloads
  • Sales assistant notification when frequently returning customers enter the store
  • Foot traffic and passerby data collection for optimizing store locations
  • Presence-triggered messages regarding new merchandise or a treasure hunt
  • Wayfinding to assist customers in finding specific departments within the store
  • Delivery associate notification when a customer enters the store for efficient click-and-collect transactions
  • Leveraging the customers’ phones as a loyalty device and issuing points for on-site visits

Give the Volare ROI Calculator a try

Our ROI Calculator is only one way of estimating the benefits to your company of using a location analytics and marketing platform like Volare.  We expect that you’ll adapt it to your best practice but we hope the exercise of using our tool will be enlightening.

Want to see the return you can expect from Volare? Please visit the Volare ROI Calculator clicking the button below. The team at Cloud4Wi looks forward to answering your questions.