Volare 7.0 brings you some exciting new solutions!

Zones builder: Volare introduces an innovative approach to measure traffic and detect identified visitors in specific areas of your physical spaces. You can now design you virtual Zones, a collection of “Proximity Areas” within each Location. You can image each virtual Zone as a “bubble”, a detection range around a sensor (which can be an enabled Access Point or a Volare Sensor). The Zone is a collection of Proximity Areas, and each one can have its own individual detection radius.

When a device is detected in any of the proximity ranges of a Zone it is located in that zone.

Overview Dashboard: Our new dashboard shows all the main foot traffic metrics in a simplified and visual interface. This dashboard gives you a quick overview of the performance across the organization or in each single Location.

Trends dashboard: The trends dashboard allows the measurement of trends and variations to the main foot traffic metrics over a period of time. This tool allows for the understanding of the impact of business decisions on location traffic behaviors.

Zones analysis: Thanks to the introduction of Zones, we can now measure the foot traffic in each of the zones as well as  show the insights in a newly dedicated dashboard, available in Volare Spaces. The dashboard allows you to understand the distribution of the foot traffic across the zones in a particular Location.

“Enter in a Zone” event detection and webhook: Thanks to the introduction of the virtual Zones builder, Volare can now detect when an identified visitor enters a Zone of the Location. Once the action is detected an external application can be notified via a webhook.

Customers with the Location Analytics license can contact our support team to request the activation of this feature.


New Developers portal 

The new developers portal, published at developers.cloud4wi.com, combines the documentation of all Volare development tools in the same place, including APIs, webhooks, MyApps, mobile SDK. The portal includes user guides and code examples to help you get started integrating and extending Volare. You can login to the portal using your Volare account credentials.


Taxonomy changes! 

We have made some changes to the names and terms in the Volare Dashboard, to aid in more enhanced navigation of the product as well as more user-friendly.  Here are  the most relevant ones:

  • Company > Organization
  • Venue > Location
  • Location Analytics > Heatmaps
  • Venue Profile > Location Profile



What happens to the Presence Analytics dashboard?

The Overview and Trends dashboard represents an evolution of the previous Presence Analytics dashboard. They introduce some new important metrics and KPIs and also use improved algorithms to estimate the physical events so there may be some differences compared to the old Presence Analytics Dashboard. The new dashboards will show data as of January 19th 2018.  The previous Presence Analytics dashboard is still available, accessible from the menu to all existing customers, and it will remain active.

Check out the Release Note