Automatic filtering – more accurate reporting for Presence Analytics

We’ve created a new filtering feature for Presence Analytics so you can get the most comprehensive overview of your customers. It identifies employees’ devices, as well as fixed devices (such as printers and other network equipment) and automatically filters them out. That way, these black listed devices are not represented in the KPIs displayed on the Volare platform. For complete control, MAC addresses can be manually added and removed from the black list. (more info)

Custom Reports – understanding Venue performance and optimizing best practices

Custom Reports is a powerful new tool that allows for side-by-side comparison of various venues. This new tool makes it easy to see how different venues’ KPIs match up against one another, displaying which Venues perform best and in what areas. Custom Reports also allows you to group Venues together, so you can compare different regions as well. This is crucial to drawing overall performance data if you want to understand why one venue outperforms another. Figuring out what the best practices are can help improve operations and generate more business for you. You can even export these reports into CSV files for easy offline analysis. (more info)

Optional enablement of Cookies notice
– complying with EU regulations

For EU countries, it is required to inform customers you’re using cookies. To comply with this law, we’re giving you the option to enable this cookie notice on your Welcome Portals (more info). For more information, please review our Cookie Policy.

Promotional Communications Policy customization
– branding taken to the next step

You now have the ability to write and customize the Promotional Communications Policy that appears on your Welcome Portal. That way, you can specify exactly what customers can expect to receive, and even put your brand’s voice and messaging behind the policy. (more info)

Support for Filter-ID attribute in RADIUS access-accept message
– setting connection policies

For Cisco Meraki and Aruba access points, you can set connection policies by specifying the ID (Filter-ID) of a policy configured locally. Volare sends the ID during the authentication process and the access device apply it to the user session.


Third-party integrations

  • NEW! PayPal – collecting payments easier
    We’re making it easier for you to sell Wi-Fi services directly from your Welcome Portal. Install the new PayPal integration application to allow customers to pay for Wi-Fi using their PayPal accounts. For ease of convenience and security, this integration relies on PayPal Express Checkout, and also requires you to have a PayPal Merchant account. (more info)
  • NEW! PayU – supporting payment in LATAM
    We now offer PayU as a payment gateway to support payment in most of the LATAM countries. (more info)
  • NEW! Robokassa – supporting payment in Russia
    A new form of payment is now supported in Russia with Robokassa integration. (more info)
  • UPDATED! MailChimp – syncing users for better marketing
    The new MailChimp sync tool allows you to export your existing list of users in Volare into your MailChimp lists. Once the sync is active, exports are made in real time and new users are automatically added to lists until the rule is deleted. Having all your customers’ emails in one spot allows for easy management and helps to fine-tune marketing initiatives. (more info)

Other changes and enhancements –
making your job easier

  • New breadcrumb in the Admin Panel. With a lot of robust features come a lot of pages in Volare. We’ve added breadcrumb navigation to improve your usability. Breadcrumb is a great indicator of the path you are taking in the Volare platform, and it can help you find your way and also reduce the number of clicks needed to get where you want to be.
  • Improved user experience for floor plan management
  • Improved WebSDK (MyApps) with simplified POST parameters
  • AdSense support removed from the Advertising tool – this change won’t affect customers who have already have AdSense campaigns configured


Vendor supported for Guest Wi-Fi services – enabling advanced guest Wi-Fi services


Vendor supported for Presence Analytics – providing insight into customer behavior

Check out the Release Note