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IT needs to establish a separate guest network to allow visitors to connect to the Wi-Fi, monitor bandwidth and usage, and also protecting the internal network.


Shoppers are using mobile devices to get online, search for products, price compare and read reviews – all while physically standing inside the store. Take advantage of connected shoppers by providing engaging experiences that help drive in-store purchases.


Patrons of restaurants and coffee shops are hungry to get on Wi-Fi. By providing connectivity, store owners can collect valuable data and drive marketing initiatives to encourage customers to return again.

shopping mall

Gain insight on how shoppers move around a mall and see what preferences they have. Sending out targeted coupons and promos has never been easier.


Providing Wi-Fi on public transportation means passengers can be productive while on the road, and transportation companies can gain a new outlet to push out ads.  


Make the lives of bank customers easier by providing a secure and interactive digital banking experience with guest Wi-Fi.

smart city

Providing city-wide Wi-Fi creates possibilities for residents and visitors to stay up to date with all the latest community news.


Reliable guest Wi-Fi is a necessity for travelers. Leverage Wi-Fi to keep guests coming back and help boost reviews.

Any venue that wants to get to know and engage its visitors will benefit from providing guest Wi-Fi.

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