Top industry analysts agree: cloud-based platforms that deliver location analytics and marketing over WiFi are here!  Gartner, Forrester, IDC, and ABI Research all play an important role in identifying and analyzing future market opportunities in our industry. We are excited that all have chosen to include Cloud4Wi in at least one recent report, further establishing our category, even if the firms sometimes have different names for what we do.

For readers that have advisory firm subscriptions, it is well worth reading the opinions of these leading analysts. We’ve provided a high-level summary of those reports below. For readers looking for a perspective on retail technologies along with our explanation of how a cloud platform + WiFi can underpin digital transformation efforts, we are pleased to offer one of the reports, from Forrester Research, as a free download.

Gartner Inc.

This is a 23-page cross-vertical market guide where Gartner provides a summary of the Indoor Location Application Platforms (ILAP) space and does a brief write-up of about 20 companies, large and small. Gartner listed Cloud4Wi as a representative vendor, and is one of four platforms described that integrate guest WiFi.

According to Gartner, “we’ve seen uninterrupted interest in indoor application platforms among Gartner clients. We’ve also seen the realization and adoption of indoor location technology by many different verticals, including retail, healthcare, construction, transportation, manufacturing, natural resources, utilities and the public sector.”

This is a short best practice document that highlights vendors in the guest WiFi space – principally for corporate offices.

Cloud4Wi is one of approximately ten platforms mentioned that deliver guest WiFi, which is obviously a subset of what Volare can do.

Forrester Research

This research reports the results of an NRF survey of retailers and vendors on which tech investment areas are hot for 2017 and which are still hype.

The “hot” technologies are Personalization, Analytics, Omni-Channel and Digital Store. The report also discusses eight additional tech investments that were considered a lower priority. Forrester Research provides advice to optimize core technology, shift spend to new technology and avoid hype.

Cloud4Wi has published an introduction for the report that explains how platforms like Volare provide the foundation for the “hottest” technologies for the digital store. In it, we define a Personalized Experience Platform (PEP) for marketers as having Guest WiFi management, Onboarding, Analytics, Marketing Apps, and a Dev Suite.

Cloud4Wi is pleased to make a custom document available – our introduction plus the Forrester report – available free-of-charge.

This research report focuses on what luxury retailers are doing to digitally transform their business.

The report demonstrates how luxury brands are recognizing the need to create digital experiences that are on par with their brand. Prada is included as an example of a luxury retailer creating a superior customer experience by leveraging WiFi and Cloud4Wi Volare platform.

For more information on Prada’s use of and plans for Cloud4Wi Volare, download the Prada success story.

This webinar focuses on three technologies (Guest WiFi, POS, and Clienteling) that retailers are using to enhance the customer experience in the store. They highlight how significant it is to offer guest WiFi to customers, and how cost-effective it is to leverage this technology to provide a better customer experience.

Prada is included as an example of a luxury retailer creating a superior customer experience by leveraging WiFi and Cloud4Wi Volare platform.

For more information on Prada’s use of and plans for Cloud4Wi Volare, download the Prada success story.


IDC Innovators are emerging vendors with revenue <$100 million that have demonstrated either a groundbreaking business model or an innovative new technology — or both. This IDC Innovators study features four SaaS-based WiFi-enabled customer engagement solutions that are both innovative and useful, each uniquely enhancing the customer engagement experience through WiFi.

Cloud4Wi is one of four “IDC Innovators” chosen.

ABI Research

Retailers are all increasing their investment in the physical store for improved customer insight and experience. In this report, ABI Research outlines the current and future trends of retail and how key technologies play a role in these advancements. Volare from Cloud4Wi is one of two next generation guest WiFi solutions described in the report.


The takeaway from these collective reports from Gartner, Forrester Research, IDC and ABI Research is that platforms that deliver location analytics and marketing via guest WiFi are gaining mainstream acceptance. It was not long ago when all brick and mortar businesses provided WiFi solely for Internet access. We look forward to future reports where it has become clear that all businesses are using the WiFi to their business advantage.