The Mall is a sample upscale mall featuring stores and restaurants. Shoppers and visitors can connect to the mall Wi-Fi while they hang out, dine, and browse The Mall.

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The Mall Welcome Portal Mobile

Mall Locations

Visit The Mall in Italy and the US

Design the path visitors take to get online

Create ideal Customer Journeys to reach business goals and encourage customer engagement

The Mall Access Journey 1
The Mall Welcome Portal Mobile
The Mall Access Journey 3
The Mall Access Journey 4
Splash page ad appears, promoting one of the stores inside The Mall
Visitor lands on the Welcome Portal and logs in
Visitor gains access to apps such as coupons and news
Once the visitor leaves The Mall, a survey is prompted.


See how different applications can be used to build the mall's brand and encourage repeat visitors

The Mall Advertising App

Sell ad space to stores and restaurants

Trigger splash page ads to promote stores and restaurants that are inside the mall, or encourage downloads to the mall's mobile app.

Welcome Portal

Offer simple onboarding

Customizable Welcome Portal can display mall hours, social feeds, and have the look and feel be in line with branding. Visitors experience a quick and seamless onboarding process.

The Mall Welcome Portal App
The Mall Coupon App

Promote special deals

Encourage on-the-spot purchases and increase customer satisfaction by offering coupons.


Collect visitor feedback

Prompt surveys to find out why customers visited the mall and any suggestions they have to improve the mall experience.

The Mall Survey App
The Mall Social Media App
Social Media

Boost social media presence

Ask visitors to ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ your social media accounts and ‘Check-in’ to the mall. Encourage them to make posts on their own timelines and feeds about their mall experience.


Provide business information for places around the mall

Help visitors find businesses such as banks, movie theaters, and hair salons by displaying nearby business information.

The Mall Nearby App
The Mall News App

Keep visitors on-site and browsing longer

Show the top headliners from reliable news outlets so visitors can stay updated with all the current events.


Encourage fun interactions with visitors

Pin-up is a virtual post-it-like bulletin board. This is a fun way to interact with visitors and see what they have to say.

The Mall Pinboard App
The Mall Weather App

Provide visitors with weather updates

Let visitors know what the local forecast is for the next few days.


Engage visitors after they've left the mall

Send personalized messages to mall visitors, enticing them to return again soon. This can inspire loyalty and build long-lasting customer relationships.

The Mall Email App
Volare Analytics

Discover attraction and retention rates

Gain valuable insights into who on-site visitors are and how they behave. Use this information to improve operations and business strategies.

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