The ever evolving technological landscape continues to impact the retail sector and the customer shopping experience; a challenge that we can only expect to grow.

From interactive changing rooms, to the integration of in-store augmented reality, retailers have embraced the technological revolution.

With this comes the demand of increasingly high customer expectations for fast, secure and efficient in-store WiFi to connect their many smart devices. However, this demand is something retailers are struggling to satisfy.

Whether it’s tweeting a picture of the latest find, browsing online for price comparison or interacting with retailers’ touch points through their smart phone – connected customers demand for seamless WiFi has become a growing issue that retailers need to tackle.

A recent study by digital marketing consultants Acuity Group indicated that 50% of smartphone owners would feel more confident making a major purchase in a store with WiFi access.

An additional 30% would be more likely to browse additional items not on their list and 20 per cent would be more likely to spend longer in the store. This goes to show that reliable and efficient WiFi, which can cope with increasing pressures, is rapidly becoming a vital tool retailers should be adopting to enhance the overall customer experience.

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