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faster customer data collection


lift in click-through rate



location-based customer data


Seamlessly and safely collect location-based customer data with opt-ins

  • Gather data with opt-ins 10x faster in physical locations
  • Respect privacy in the collection of data and consent
  • Leverage multiple channels for the data collection (WiFi splash page, QR code, text message)
  • Collect customers’ touchpoints and visualize on-site customers’ journey
  • Discover the highest performing strategies for the data collection


Gain location-based customer insights and make data-driven decisions

  • Know the breakdown of customers based on factors like age, gender and language
  • Understand how customers behave while in your locations
  • Group customers into segments based on their on-site behaviors
location-based customer insights


Perfectly connect with customers at the right moment

  • Deliver messages based on-site customer behaviors with +30% lift in click-through rate
  • Send notifications and updates to your customers
  • Encourage your customers to complete your surveys from their own device
  • Stay top of mind with your target customers with perfectly-tailored ads
  • Measure, understand and optimize the impact of each communication

Don’t waste time

Start acting on location-based customer data from day one

  • Leverage Cloud4Wi’s out of the box marketing tools
  • Access 50+ ready-to-use connectors available in Cloud4Wi’s marketplace
  • If you have special needs, Cloud4Wi develops the connector for you

A sample customer journey

customer journey

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