Powerful Management

Have total control over your guest Wi-Fi. Volare offers multi-region, multi-level and multi-role management capabilities, making it easy for you to delegate controls over policies and permissions.

Wi-Fi Hardware Independence

Volare works seamlessly with various Wi-Fi hardware manufacturers, making it easy for you to launch new Wi-Fi initiatives or optimize existing legacy Wi-Fi networks. Regardless of whether you have a controller or not, Volare can support architectural varieties of all types.

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Countless Customizations

The beauty behind the Volare platform is how customizable everything is. You can create Welcome Portals so that the look and feel are inline with your branding, and even write your own system communications and policies to meet unique business needs.

Cloud-based Platform

Volare is cloud-based, meaning you don’t have to install any local hardware or complicated software. Flexible hosting options – public, private or local cloud – are available to fit your different business requirements.

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Easy-to-use Dashboard

Enjoy hassle-free guest Wi-Fi management across all your locations. With Volare’s single, cloud-based dashboard, you can easily navigate around the intuitive platform.

Protected Security

To ensure personal data shared through guest Wi-Fi is handled properly, Volare complies with local privacy regulations and allows for customized opt-in policies. Giving you peace of mind knowing your customers’ information is kept safe and secure.

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