Volare is a powerful, over-the-top services platform for next-gen guest Wi-Fi. Visitors of brick-and-mortar businesses are able to connect to the Wi-Fi through a quick and seamless process, while businesses can collect analytics that help them better understand who customers are and how they behave. Using this information, campaigns can be created – straight on the Volare platform – to personally engage on-site customers in ways that inspire loyalty.

Volare also offers a robust Dev Suite. This includes APIs to feed information into third-party systems, tools to build custom applications, and Mobile SDKs so existing mobile apps can be enhanced with services such as Volare Wi-Fi onboarding and beacon-triggered mobile engagement.


What can an integrated Cloud4Wi and EnGenius solution offer?

Volare works as an ideal overlay solution on top of existing EnGenius networks, complementing EnGenius’ offering with features such as:

  • Carrier-grade Guest Wi-Fi includes brandable welcome portals and fully customizable login and internet settings.
  • Analytics and marketing tools to enable businesses to make smart data-driven business decisions, and run meaningful marketing initiatives.
  • Open environment allows Volare to be integrated with existing IT environments, such as IT systems, mobile apps, and web applications.
  • Cloud-based platform means flexible hosting options allow businesses to chose whether to host in the public, private, or local cloud.
  • Support for multiple technologies means Volare can easily and flexibly work with other initiatives - such as beacons, to deliver a greater overview for businesses.
  • Wi-Fi Sensor add-on option allows businesses with legacy Wi-Fi networks to be able to collect Presence and Location Analytics in a cost-efficient matter.

Together, Volare and EnGenius can provide a Wi-Fi solution that works to deliver superior on-site experiences to customers, while giving businesses the opportunity to do more.

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