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About Tanaza

Tanaza is an intuitive and flexible SaaS platform for IT professionals to manage multi-vendor WiFi networks in the cloud. It creates value for its partners and customers by allowing unprecedented efficiency and scalability in network management. It frees users from vendor lock-in and enables customers to integrate software applications with the platform operating seamlessly across all supported models.

Seamless integrations, advanced functionality

By pairing Cloud4Wi and Tanaza Cloud, you can significantly reduce the level of complexity tied to managing multi-vendor networks in the cloud.

Guest WiFi experience

Customize your guest WiFi experience across multiple locations

Seamless secure WiFi

Offer automatic and secure WiFi to users w/ and w/o mobile app

Location services

Reach out to WiFi users with location-based content

Location analytics

Gain valuable insights into traffic trends at your locations

Cloud4Wi and Tanaza power lean and effective
WiFi management and marketing solutions

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