June 24, 2022

Teaming up for a successful 2018 at Cloud4Wi

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2018 is set to be the biggest year for Cloud4Wi yet

To prepare for all our endeavors, last week all the Cloud4Wi employees joined the Corporate Meeting Kick-off 2018, which took place at our offices in Pisa.

The three-day meeting brought together all employees from around the globe – from San Francisco to Manila – to meet face-to-face in the leaning tower’s city. Fueled by delicious Italian foods and morning cappuccinos, we eagerly discussed upcoming plans to build on Cloud4Wi’s success.

We took full advantage of our time together in Pisa to talk about 2017 and lessons learned from last year, both what we did well, as well as what we could do better. We discussed strategies for 2018, including our product roadmap and the desire to develop something the market has never seen before. We also shared our numerous customer success stories across the globe to outline our common denominator for success. All the teams – from sales to marketing, from product to operations – worked together to define concrete action plans to reach our goals.

Better, Stronger, Faster… It’s going to be a busy year ahead for us!


Besides hard work, we also had a lot of fun. During our last Italian lunch together, we recognized the most notable employees that have been crucial to the growth of Cloud4Wi in 2017, thanks to their commitment and perseverance.


Then, we visited Escher’s exhibition at Palazzo Blu. Escher was the artist who explored the horizons of visual illusion, through geometric compositions or with the creation of “impossible” architectures.



Like Escher tackled the impossible through innovative creations, Cloud4Wi is delivering innovation once thought impossible.

I was very impressed by the active participation of all of Cloud4Wi’s employees and their enthusiasm for our upcoming plans,” said Andrea Calcagno, CEO and Co-Founder at Cloud4Wi. “We are a strong tech company with a sound long-term vision and the right level of ambition to build global success in our field.”

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