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Splio and Cloud4Wi Marketing integration partnership

About Splio

Splio is a SaaS new loyalty marketing platform that helps marketers engage and retain their prospects and customers on all channels creating long-term and profitable relationships. Splio platform combines  Marketing Automation, New Loyalty Marketing, Mobile Wallets, Referral Marketing and WeChat.

Seamless integrations, advanced functionality

By pairing Cloud4Wi and Splio, companies are redefining loyalty marketing by delivering an unprecedented degree of visibility over customers and their journeys, ultimately enabling high-value loyalty use-cases. Cloud4Wi makes it easier for Splio clients to collect and create in-target customer profiles, while providing new ways to connect with customers to orchestrate unique, tailored journeys.

Customer data collection

Collection of customer contacts 10x faster in physical locations directly

Perfectly-tailored communications

Customer profiling based on their location and behavioral characteristics

1-1 customer relationships

Customers triggered based on their real-time, location-based actions

Seamless integration

Up-and-running in just a few clicks by leveraging the ready-to-use connectors

Cloud4Wi and Splio help shape relevant location-based marketing initiatives with a clear ROI!

Ready-to-use connector

Feed contacts from Cloud4Wi into Splio

Integration partners

Cloud4Wi and Splio are officially partnered!