Guest WiFi Solution

Empower your guest WiFi experience

Meet Splash. The enterprise guest WiFi solution with analytics and marketing capabilities.
Splash creates value for all company stakeholders in compliance with privacy regulations,
without adding any complexity.

Leading global companies rely on Cloud4Wi

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Respect privacy

Offer guest WiFi services in compliance with privacy regulations

  • Easily configure consent based on your business goals
  • Collect and process data based on consent
  • Customize your policies with the maximum flexibility, without any friction

Design your guest WiFi services

Customize every aspect of your guest WiFi services

  • Design a beautiful splash page in line with your branding with out of the box tools
  • Fully localize each location’s experience, content, and language
  • Customize the guest WiFi onboarding, including multiple login options and smart content
  • Define the internet access policies to use your guest WiFi services
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visitor dashboard

Make data driven decisions

Discover on-site behaviors with WiFi analytics

  • Analyze foot traffic to your locations, and discover relevant trends
  • Analyze foot traffic distribution across different hours of the day and the days of the week
  • Understand foot traffic distribution across different areas within your location

Deliver location-based content

Reach out to your guests with WiFi marketing

  • Triggers messages based on on-site guest behaviors
  • Connect with your guests by email or text message
  • Send coupons and surveys, or publish promotional and advertising pages
wifi marketing
guest wifi management

Save 30% in your TCO

Easily manage your guest WiFi, while reducing IT burden and TCO

  • Get your bespoke guest WiFi experience up and running in a just a few clicks
  • Easily build and manage your experiences across multiple locations
  • Monitor guest WiFi usage across your locations leveraging analytics, dashboards and logs
  • Leverage your existing WiFi network to launch your new initiatives

Drive business value with guest WiFi

Convert guest WiFi into an asset that generates value for the business

  • Access unlimited ready-to-use connectors with all of the systems you’re already using
  • Select from a rich set of APIs and webhooks to feed third-party systems
  • Enhance your existing mobile app with special features by using the mobile SDK
  • Create and publish custom content during the WiFi onboarding or on the dashboard
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