Retailers are struggling to win the challenging battle for the customer and are aware they have to meet customer expectations if they want to stay ahead
of the competition.

Lojas Avenida

Get to know your customers

Know the customers that visit your stores and how they behave while in-store

  • Easily collect customer data with opt-ins from multiple channels (splash pages, QR, mobile app, APIs)
  • Gain location-based customer insights to understand behavioral pattern
  • Feed customer data and insights into your martech stack to unleash your marketing

Connect with loyal customers

Use location-based customer insights to power 1-to-1 relationships with loyal customers:

  • Welcome back your most valuable customers when they arrive at your store
  • Reach customers while they are at your store to encourage upsell and cross-sell
  • Connect with customers who leave your stores to incentivize them to come back
  • Encourage customers to complete surveys and share their experience

Attract new customers

Apply location-based customer insights in creative ways to conquest new customers:

  • Re-activate elapsed customers with a special promotion to buy again
  • Reach customers walking by and drive them into your stores
  • Create look-alike campaigns based on the customers who actually visited your stores

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