As technology continues to advance, there are more innovative ways to use various digital mediums to connect and interact with customers. One area which is now allowing businesses to further increase customer engagement through new advances is the humble WiFi network.

Traditionally, your retail store, restaurant, sporting venue, hotel, hospital or medical practice has probably provided a WiFi network for your customers by asking for their name and contact details and sharing a secret code or login with them to access the network. While this benefits the customer by providing them with access to your WiFi network, this humble network can now do so much more.

Let’s take a look at the new role of the humble WiFi and how you can make this work harder for you, and increase customer engagement and sales.

WiFi can now be transformed into Social WiFi; the ability for you customers to connect with your WiFi through social media networks. This is a win-win for both you and your customers. Here’s a look at how your new Customer Engagement Journey could look for a retail store using this technology:

1. You encourage your customers to connect to your free WiFi system in order to sign up to your loyalty program (preferably one that is Smartphone based and not yet another plastic card), get discount coupons or perhaps you want to encourage them to rate your product.

2. As soon as your customer connects to your WiFi service, instead of being presented with a boring looking sign in screen, they get something that instantly asks them to interact with your brand. Not only is this engagement interesting for them (as they already have a connection with your brand), but you can also use this interaction to collect important information about your customers. Here are some examples of how businesses have utilized Social WiFi to increase customer engagement during the process of the customer connecting to the free WiFi.

Here are examples of a WiFi login page for a coffee shop and retail chain of stores:

Volare Screenshot


Volare Screenshot







Volare Screenshot

Note the assortment of engaging applications and live Tweet feeds.

3. Customers can then use their Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or even a manual form to formally connect to your network which is a once off task as next time they come back the WiFi system will let them on straight away but your analytics system will let you know they have returned.

4. As soon as they sign in, your venue is provided with some detail about your customer as long as they opt in for this. We strongly encourage the use of a permission-based approach by offering them the ability to opt in.

5. The customer is then encouraged to like your brand or follow your brand on their social networks thereby enhancing your social media channels. You can even have pre-constructed Facebook posts, which they can send out with one click “Currently enjoying a delicious dessert at XYZ”.

6. They then land on a page which gives them the ability to sign up to your loyalty program, get special offers/coupons, play games or rate your products.

7. Having collected their information you can now use this for ongoing marketing, for example through monthly emails. If you incorporate a survey or questionnaire, you can also collect this data and begin building an improved picture of who your customer is, what they like and dislike, their product preferences and so on.

As mentioned above, this type of Customer Engagement Journey is a win-win for both businesses and their customers:

Benefits for your Customers

By using their social media credentials to sign in to your WiFi network, the customer does not have to undertake the time-consuming process of entering all their details. They can be automatically connected through their social media. This means they get faster access to your loyalty program and discounts, amongst other things. Reducing the barriers for customers to connect is an obvious win for them.

Benefits for your Business

Social WiFi opens the channels to leveraging the growing social media networks. Due to increased customer engagement, ease of use for the customer and the collection of useful customer’s data, your business should also see an increase in sales. Finally, collecting customers’ emails and having these automatically added to your mailing list means you’ve opened up an ongoing communication channel with your customers.

How do you currently use WiFi to connect and interact with customers? Have you considered changing to a Social WiFi connection?

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