Cities want to be better connected to their people. And offering city-wide guest Wi-Fi helps create new possibilities for residents and visitors, allowing them to stay connected to everything the city has to offer.

Cities invested in becoming smarter and connected can enjoy a whole array of benefits such as being able to promote upcoming events, offer discounts to special attractions, and encouraging people to explore their surroundings.

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smart city welcome portal

Smart City Location

This sample use case is for San Francisco.

Design the path people take to get online

Create ideal Customer Journeys to reach city goals and encourage engagement

smart city welcome portal
smart city nearby
User lands on the Welcome Portal and logs in
A splash page ad appears welcoming them to the city
They are able to explore their surroundings by finding what businesses are near them
Once the user logs off, an email is sent to them thanking them for visiting the city.


See how different applications can be used to build the bus company's brand and keep travelers happy


Promote events and city hotspots

Trigger splash page ads to welcome people to the city and promote city happenings

Welcome Portal

Offer simple onboarding

Fully customizable Welcome Portals can be created so that the look and feel is in line with city branding.

smart city welcome portal
smart city nearby

Get people discovering nearby businesses

Encourage citizens and visitors to explore neighborhood surroundings by displaying nearby business information.


Promote special deals

Encourage on-the-spot purchases and make tourists' trips more memorable by offering coupons.

Adventure Country Coupons

Reach passengers even after they've left the city

Send personalized emails to visitors once they've left the city. This can encourage them to return again in the future, and take advantage of special city promos.

External Links

Promote city attractions

From the Welcome Portal, city attractions and allow visitors to book discounted tickets

smart city home-tickets-info
External Links

Offer support

From the Welcome Portal, link to a 'Contact Us' page so citizens and visitors can easily reach city support


Discover attraction and retention rates

Gain valuable insights into who on-site visitors are and how they behave. Use this information to improve operations and business strategies.

Volare Analytics
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