Sleep Tight is a sample motel chain perfect for budget travelers not willing to compromise comfort. The motel chain enriches travelers' stay by offering parking, free coffee, and various tiers of Wi-Fi services.

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Sleep Tight Welcome Portal Mobile

Motel Locations

Sleep Tight can be found in major cities across the US

Design the path travelers take to get online

Create ideal Customer Journeys to reach business goals and encourage engagement

Sleep Tight Access Journey 1
Sleep Tight Welcome Portal Mobile
Sleep Tight Access Journey 4
Splash page appears promoting the frequent travelers program
Traveler lands on the Welcome Portal and logs in
Guest chooses which Wi-Fi plan they want to purchase
One day after being disconnected, a text message is sent to the customer


See how different applications can be used to build the motel's brand and influence travelers to return

Sleep Tight Advertising App

Promote business initiatives

Trigger splash page ads to promote the motel's frequent travelers rewards program, downloads to the mobile app, or sell ad space to nearby businesses.

Welcome Portal

Offer simple onboarding

Fully customize Welcome Portals so that the look and feel are in line with branding. Make it easy for travelers to get connected with quick and seamless onboarding.

Sleep Tight Welcome Portal App
Sleep Tight Plan App
Wi-Fi Payment Plan

Offer travelers different levels of Wi-Fi services

Set the internet plan that works best for the motel, let travelers choose which plan they want, and easily collect payment.


Keep travelers browsing longer

Show the top headliners from reliable news outlets so travelers can stay updated with all the latest local and global breaking news.

Sleep Tight News App
Sleep Tight Nearby App

Get travelers discovering the motel's neighborhood surroundings

Display nearby business information to help travelers find restaurants, banks, theaters, parks and more.


Encourage fun interactions with travelers

Pin-up is a virtual post-it-like bulletin board. This is a fun way to interact with travelers and see what they have to say.

Sleep Tight Pinboard App
Volare Analytics

Discover attraction and retention rates

Gain valuable insights into who on-site visitors are and how they behave. Use this information to improve operations and business strategies.

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