Cloud4Wi for shopping centers

Cloud4Wi works with shopping centers to help create relevant connections between retail tenants and the shoppers, providing a strong value proposition to the brands they host through advanced retail marketing services.

location marketing and guest wifi for shopping centers

Leading global enterprises rely on Cloud4Wi

The cordish company
Arcus Real Estate
Shopping centers

Offer better, more relevant WiFi experience across the board

Make shoppers feel at home in your centers with an easy secure and seamless WiFi onboarding

  • Full customization of your WiFi services (splash pages, login options, access policies, etc)
  • Consistent WiFi experiences throughout locations to remove user friction and improve loyalty
  • Automatic connection of shoppers at their arrival through the mobile app or passpoint

Acquire SMS and email subscribers in your restaurants

Give your shoppers a better reason to join your marketing programs

  • Click-worthy sign-up journeys that match your brand’s look and feel
  • Multiple sign-up channels to remove onboarding friction (splash page, QR, SMS, and mobile app)
  • 100% consent-based approach for guaranteed compliance

Analytic dashboard with splash page for shopping center
Analytic dashboard for shopping centers

Profile and segment your customers with offline behavioral data

Shed light on customer offline behaviors both inside and outside of your locations

  • Offline behavioral attributes and moments collected with shopper consent
  • Multiple customer data sources, with or without mobile app (WiFi, BLE and GPS)
  • Dynamic segment builder for identifying real-world audiences built on customer offline data

Send impactful messages that resonate with your audiences

Redefine the way you connect with your shoppers thanks to their offline behaviors

  • Highly targeted “welcome back!” messages to returning shoppers when they enter your mall
  • Timely, perfectly targeted offers or promotions driving traffic to a specific area/retailer
  • Timely, targeted messages to shoppers in proximity to a given area/retailer
  • Automated campaigns to retarget inactive shoppers based on their offline behaviors

Campaign for shopping centers
Marketplace for shopping centers

Integrate Cloud4Wi data directly and seamlessly to your martech stack

Easily and natively sync data from Cloud4Wi to third-party tools

  • 50+ connectors towards the most popular martech tools (Salesforce, Microsoft, SAP, Adobe…)
  • Custom connectors can be developed in a few days

Client success


Cloud4Wi helped Carmila strengthen customer relationships when it needed to the most


customer contacts collected per location each week


opt-in ratio

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