The pervasive use of mobile devices has made WiFi a must-have for customer-facing, brick and mortar businesses everywhere. However, many brands that offer guest WiFi as a commodity to their customers are missing out on the true potential of this service. What they really need is a guest WiFi platform that adds value to customer visits and helps brands build their business.

One strategy is to implement an over-the-top (OTT) services platform for advanced guest WiFi, which can be implemented with existing WiFi networks, regardless of the infrastructure used. An OTT services platform enables businesses to boost their business by providing a superior on-site mobile experience and by gaining valuable insights into customers and their behaviors.

Guest WiFi is already widely deployed but the industry growth predicted for guest WiFi managed via an OTT services platform is truly remarkable. Cloud4Wi Partners that dig into this rapidly growing industry can generate business value and enjoy profitable results.

What You’ll Learn
We invite you to watch our webinar to learn more about:

  • The guest WiFi industry transition and market forecast
  • How to seize this exceptional opportunity by partnering with Cloud4Wi
  • Lessons learned by a leading player offering guest WiFi platforms

This webinar was presented by Jeff Abramowitz, President at Cloud4Wi, and Brodie Kirkeby, VP Sales Americas at Cloud4Wi, accompanied by Mark Brackley, Managing Director at Jade Solutions.

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