guest wifi solution automatically connects to secure WiFi

Seamless and secure guest WiFi solution

Get your customers online faster with our Passpoint-compatible guest WiFi solution.
Offer an automatic, portal-free and secure way for customers to connect to your WiFi

Leading global companies rely on Cloud4Wi

Burger King
Javits center

passpoint compatible

Seamless and secure connectivity

Unlock next-gen guest WiFi with Passpoint

  • Connect customers automatically as soon as they arrive
  • Offer fully-encrypted connectivity (WPA2/WPA3)
  • Let customers roam seamlessly across your locations worldwide
  • Bypass issues tied to MAC randomization

Onboarding from anywhere

Pre-activate customers at any time and place

  • Create branded pre-activation experiences that incentivize Passpoint adoption
  • Onboard customers to secure guest WiFi at any time, on-site or online   
  • Activate customers acquired on different channels (e-commerce, bookings, POS…)
secure guest wifi onboarding
guest WiFi management dashboard

30%+ savings in TCO 

Remove complexity from guest WiFi management

  • Deploy captive portal and Passpoint solutions on top of your existing WiFi infrastructure
  • Centralize guest WiFi management to a single cloud-based dashboard 
  • Monitor guest WiFi usage across your locations with analytics and unlimited integrations 

Fully customizable

Customize every aspect of the WiFi journey

  • Design drag-and-drop onboarding experiences in line with your brand’s look-and-feel
  • Define and implement internet access policies across all your locations
  • Seamlessly localize content, language and policies
fully customizable to your brand
secure 1st party data collection

Compliant by design

Comply with data protection worldwide

  • Collect and process exclusively 1st party data from your customers
  • Manage policies with maximum flexibility and no friction
  • Meet data protection regulations by giving customers access to the data they share

Business impact guaranteed

Drive loyalty and revenue with secure guest WiFi

  • Increase marketing subscriptions in your locations
  • Unlock visibility on how customers behave in your physical locations
  • Drive revenue by offering your customers tailored services and promotions
guest wifi solution that drives business impact
Your device is automatically and securely connected to WiFi thanks to OpenRoaming

Automatic and secure WiFi experiences globally

Embrace the future of WiFi. Embrace OpenRoaming

  • Let your customers connect to WiFi in third-party locations while maintaining visibility on when and where they connect
  • Open your networks to unknown visitors that authenticate through OpenRoaming
  • Trigger sign-up journeys to acquire unknown visitors in your locations (CAPPORT API)

How secure guest WiFi works

How Cloud4Wi secure guest WiFi solution works

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