Software Development Kit

Design your branded application for Cloud4Wi

Customize The Digital Experience

Comprehensive SDK

Comprehensive SDK

Powered by the innovative, real-time SDK, create your custom application for the Cloud4Wi platform. Leverage your customers’ information – who, when, where – to provide them with a engaging digital experience. Applications can be launched by customers from the splash portal or automatically when customers complete a specific event (connect, sign-up, sign-in, sign-out).

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How Does Cloud4Wi SDK Work?

Step 1: Build your application on your server without installing additional software

Step 2: Set up your application in the Cloud4Wi SDK by specifying requested inputs

Step 3: Enable your application in Cloud4Wi and publish it to your splash portal


Enhance your business

Design the application that best works for you

Create your application quickly

Use whatever programming language you prefer

Make your creation work easily

Launch your application in a just few steps

Improve customer engagement

Deliver a customized on-site digital experience

Typical Applications

  • Create marketing messages to target specific customers by leveraging the data collected
  • Deliver daily specials, deals and coupons based on who the customer is
  • Build effective loyalty programs to turn one-time buyers into loyal customers
  • Only show specific content when customers meet certain criteria
  • Create responsive surveys based on previous answers
  • Provide a custom map of points of interest near or within your location