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Discover how Cloud4Wi adds value on top of Salesforce Marketing Cloud


About Salesforce

Salesforce is a customer relationship management solution that brings companies and customers together by providing a single integrated CRM platform that gives all your departments a unified, shared view of every customer.

Seamless integrations, advanced functionality

By pairing Cloud4Wi and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, companies can drastically increase the volume of data processed in their marketing automation platform by feeding real-time location data from Cloud4Wi directly to Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Trigger a paradigm shift in the way you plan and perform customer engagement. Redefine the customer experience with Cloud4Wi and Salesforce!

Customer data collection

Collection of customer contacts 10x faster in physical locations directly

Perfectly-tailored communications

Customer profiling based on their location-based behavioral characteristics

1-1 customer relationships

Customers triggered based on their real-time, location-based actions

Seamless integration

Up-and-running in just a few clicks by leveraging the ready-to-use connector

Cloud4Wi and Salesforce power
lean and effective marketing solutions

Ready-to-use connector

Cloud4Wi automatically feeds location-based customer data in real time into your existing Salesforce Marketing Cloud

AppExchange partner

Cloud4Wi is a certified Salesforce’s AppExchange Partner. You can find Cloud4Wi’s listing on Salesforce AppExchange

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