Are you interested to help retail venues transform their customers’ in-store Wi-Fi experience and convert casual shoppers to buyers?

The retail industry is among the early adopters of Wi-Fi technology. Shoppers are always eager to obtain Internet access in stores to check out item specifications, price comparisons and product reviews and ratings. Many users also want to share their in-store experience with family and friends by sending status updates and photos while shopping.

There are a variety of ways retailers are looking to update their in-store experience through Wi-Fi as well. Marketing their promotions on the splash page, creating customized proximity marketing campaigns, offering financial incentives such as coupons and rewards, and spreading their brand on social media are all on their list. What’s more, retailers are searching for powerful Wi-Fi analytics to analyze their customers’ path to purchase, engage customers and drive more revenue.

The benefits of online connectivity through customized in-store Wi-Fi can interest both shoppers and retail venues. Join our exclusive webinar to see how we bridge the gap between shoppers’ specific needs and retailers’ expectation of enhanced customer reach, conversion and loyalty.
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