Cloud4Wi for restaurants

Revamp your restaurant chain with Cloud4Wi’s innovative enterprise WiFi and location-aware experiences solutions. Enhance operational efficiency and drive revenue like never before.

Location marketing and guest wifi for restaurants

Leading global restaurant chains rely on Cloud4Wi


Delight patrons in your restaurants

  • Provide seamless and secure WiFi access to patrons –with and without mobile app– so that they go online with ease
  • Deliver great on-premises app experiences by unlocking exclusive offers, loyalty perks and hassle-free payment capabilities
  • Get to know who your patrons are and how they behave in your restaurants to craft truly personalized experiences
  • Increase loyalty and order size by promoting new products and services during the WiFi onboarding
  • Send timely messages when patrons enter or leave your restaurants, or even when they are in proximity to competitors’ stores
secure wifi available

Power employees in your restaurants and offices

  • Provide secure and automatic WiFi access to employee’s personal devices, ensuring they stay connected with peace of mind
  • Securely connect employees with mobile app to streamline operations and increase efficiency like never before
  • Revamp your workplace productivity by providing your employees with location-based app experiences

Connect vendors, auditors, and contractors in your restaurants and offices

  • Provide secure and automatic WiFi access to visitors’ devices, so that they go online with ease
  • Transform your “welcome in” mobile app into a powerful tool that instantly connects your visitors upon their arrival
  • Update content and services available in your “welcome in” mobile app based on visitors’ location

Client success spotlight


Customer insights are a cornerstone for Campari’s journey towards data-driven marketing.
Cloud4Wi’s solution enables us to collect profiles with opt-ins data
from the bartender- and consumer-focused events.

Chad Niemuth, Vice President Global IT – Marketing and Sales

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