In today’s digital age, people recognize the importance of staying connected, and public WiFi has become an indispensable part of their lives. Whether individuals are working remotely, enjoying a cup of coffee at a local cafe, or traveling to a different city, reliable and seamless WiFi connectivity is expected everywhere.

Public WiFi networks have presented challenges for users, as they often require manual selection and authentication on each encountered network. This process can be time-consuming, frustrating, and requires users to remember multiple login credentials.

To address these obstacles, WBA OpenRoaming has emerged as a solution, aiming to simplify network access and enhance the overall WiFi experience.

What is WBA and WBA OpenRoaming

WBA OpenRoaming is an innovative framework developed by the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), a globally recognized organization comprising telecommunications providers, technology vendors, and WiFi network providers. The WBA plays a crucial role in driving the development and adoption of OpenRoaming with the aim of creating a connected world where WiFi is accessible to all.

Built upon the foundation of Passpoint, OpenRoaming utilizes industry-standard security protocols and authentication mechanisms to provide a seamless WiFi experience. By leveraging Passpoint’s security protocols, users can be automatically authenticated – eliminating the need for manual login processes. This streamlined authentication process ensures a higher level of security and privacy, enhancing the overall WiFi experience.

Taking the concept of Passpoint further, WBA OpenRoaming enables seamless roaming across participating networks. When a user’s device encounters an OpenRoaming-enabled network, it automatically connects without any manual intervention, given the user has previously authenticated with a WBA OpenRoaming identity provider. This streamlined process allows users to move from one network to another seamlessly, maintaining connectivity without disruptions.

According to the latest information shared by the WBA, there are currently over 3 million OpenRoaming-enabled networks worldwide, reflecting the growing adoption and global reach of this innovative public WiFi framework.

Opportunities for businesses and service providers

WBA OpenRoaming presents a plethora of benefits for businesses and service providers in the realm of public WiFi.

By seamlessly connecting customers to WiFi networks without the need for manual authentication, businesses can provide a frictionless and consistent connectivity experience, unlocking the potential for innovative location-aware experiences. This enhanced connectivity enables deterministic location awareness, facilitating features like in-store app mode and contextual messaging. The result is increased customer satisfaction, fostering stronger customer loyalty and advocacy.

Moreover, OpenRoaming enables service providers to achieve remarkable outcomes in their WiFi strategies. Service providers can offer their subscribers seamless and secure WiFi connectivity wherever they go, reducing churn and enhancing customer satisfaction. Mobile operators can leverage WBA OpenRoaming to seamlessly offload data traffic onto WiFi networks, reducing the cost per bit and improving network performance. Managed service providers can provide their business clients with managed seamless and secure WiFi services, opening up new revenue streams and expanding their service offerings.

Embracing the future of public WiFi

The future of public WiFi is undergoing a remarkable transformation with the advent of WBA OpenRoaming. This groundbreaking solution, designed by the WBA upon the solid foundation of Passpoint, revolutionizes the way people connect and roam across networks, bringing a plethora of benefits for users, businesses and service providers.

Cloud4Wi, a Principal Member of WBA, is at the forefront of driving the WiFi industry forward. By offering a comprehensive solution compliant with Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint and the WBA industry-standard framework for WBA OpenRoaming, Cloud4Wi enables businesses and service providers to harness the full power of OpenRoaming.

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