One of the keys to successful marketing is getting the right message to the right customer at the right time. We want to propose an addition: At the right time and place.  That is because proximity marketing has become part of our platform, something we expect to expand greatly over time.

You already know the Cloud4Wi location-based marketing platform is designed to create maximum engagement with customers. It “knows” when customers – even anonymous ones if they are using Android devices – enter and leave your locations. When customers log in, they can receive customized promotions. If they create an opt-in account, which we make as easy to do as possible, they become part of your marketing database.

Wizard-driven Proximity Marketing

Using a wizard approach, our “Proximity” app guides you through a simple four-step process for defining the campaign:

1) select a triggering event such as a site visit, a sign-in or a log out;

2) select the appropriate channel for delivery such as SMS and email;

3) define the scope of the campaign by specifying audience, time and place;

4) choose customized content, which can deploy images, rich text, video, coupons and surveys to support the message of the campaign.

Unlike other proximity marketing platforms, which alert based on closeness to a particular location using GPS, or require the smart device to be running a particular app, the Cloud4Wi platform automatically recognizes users who have previously used the guest WiFi.

If the system knows an email or SMS address of the customer, when the customer approaches the FogSense WiFi sensor, an email or text message can be launched. Alternatively, the system can send messages based on the visit, hours even days afterward, or after a certain number of visits have been recorded, like a loyalty program.

Advanced criteria can be used, such as previous shopping history or whatever other big data is available.

To be clear, some of what we are describing is still in development while other parts are available today. We will have future announcements in this area, but if it is interesting to you, please get in touch right away. Your needs and comments can play a significant role in the future of proximity marketing services at Cloud4Wi.