PerDormire, a leading bedding brand that sells high-quality mattresses and pillows, needed to go through a digital transformation. The brand wanted to get to know customers better and create holistic, 360-degree profiles that would let it connect the dots between online and offline retail.

To accomplish that, the company rolled out an in-store WiFi project that encouraged shoppers to sign up for PerDormire’s rewards program.

The results blew everyone away. After rolling out Cloud4Wi’s solution across its stores, the brand achieved the following:

  • 1,140 customer profiles collected monthly
  • 81% opt-in ratio
  • 82% email open rate
  • 53% coupon redemption rate

Supercharging PerDormire’s WiFi game

PerDormire launched a WiFi initiative to promote its in-store rewards program. It was the first step in the brand’s digital transformation journey.

Customers were able to sign up for the program through PerDormire’s welcome portal, in which they had the option to provide their email address or log in via Facebook. This flexibility made it easier for people to connect and PerDormire’s opt-in ratio soared.

Customers who decided to sign-in with their email address had the option to provide additional info about themselves (i.e., full name, gender, and birthday), which helped PerDormire enrich its customer profiles.

Even better, Cloud4Wi’s application suite enabled PerDormire to assign a digital identity to a customer’s device on their initial login. Aside from helping the brand “remember” people who visited its stores, the digital identity also allowed PerDormire to understand the behavioral characteristics of its customers — such as the shops they visited, as well as the date and duration of each visit.

More importantly, PerDormire’s data collection practices were fully compliant with GDPR.

Learn exactly how PerDormire did it

Want to learn more about PerDormire’s WiFi initiatives and the brand’s impressive results? Download the full case study to discover the steps PerDormire took to launch the project and how they plan to leverage customer data going forward. (Hint: they have some exciting plans ahead!)