Business needs have grown more sophisticated over years and the best enterprise technology products are intuitive and simple to use. Many promising technology products have built unnecessary complexity into their business models, which can act as a barrier to innovation.

While businesses may sometimes contribute to complexity or reduce it through thoughtful workflows and training, most of the bonus of making technology accessible remains with its developers, who must deliver innovation and value without creating obstacles or ambiguity.

The cloud WiFi for businesses

Cloud WiFi is a technology that could be perceived complex. It is an enabling tool for customer Internet access, location analytics and location-based marketing, intended to give businesses unique insights into customer behaviors and offer new ways to build relationships with them.

Cloud WiFi involves big data, wireless, cloud, user interface, administrative interface, development tools, extensibility, and more. It is used by marketing and analytics teams, extended by developers, managed by IT staff, and overseen by high-ranking executives. There may also be multiple vendors involved: one for WiFi, another for analytics, and a third for engagement. Then come the external applications that consume the data the guest WiFi solution collects. Plus the all-important links to a brand’s custom mobile applications.

Furthermore, cloud WiFi may be deployed globally, perhaps in thousands of locations, each subject to national and local policies and regulations. There could be millions of customers accessing guest WiFi and business reputation is tied to every customer interaction.

A powerful cloud WiFi management solution

Focusing on key actionable and result-oriented insights developed through the cloud WiFi management solution is critical. Fortunately, the choice can also be an easy one as Cloud4Wi’s Splash, overcoming complexity without losing power or flexibility. Splash offers:

  • Fast and simple guest WiFi: Splash provides customers a seamless onboarding experience, getting them online in seconds. It meets the business requirements to customize every aspect from the welcome portal to the privacy policies. Businesses should also be able to define Internet plans, such as recurring vs. one-time and time-based access as well as login options including username and password, social media accounts, email, click-through and more.
  • Advanced analytics: Splash allows businesses to measure the performance of the WiFi service itself.
  • Powerful marketing tools: Splash enables businesses to publish custom content during the WiFi onboarding and to reach guests based on theor on-site behaviors.

Make the WiFi management easy

Besides bringing simplicity to the core features of guest WiFi, analytics, and marketing tools, Splash also defeats complex WiFi management issues:

  • Central management: Splash provides control over every aspect of the guest WiFi strategy across all store locations from a single, cloud-based dashboard. This includes WiFi onboarding, analytics, and marketing.
  • Multi-level and multi-role management: By supporting delegation of control over policies and permissions,  Splash offers businesses the ability to assign responsibilities to the most appropriate teams. Marketers take over marketing features; analysts manage analytic features; while the IT team manages technical features. Businesses can create a consistent look for their welcome portal across all locations while allowing store managers to promote local offers.
  • Hardware independence: Splash provides flexibility for business infrastructures that vary by vendors or models, because there are multiple locations spread across various geographies.
  • Global scalability: Splash complies by local regulations and allows for customized opt-in policies. Customers’ personal information must be kept safe and secure, even with local storage requirements.
  • Open environment: Splash leverages existing infrastructures and builds custom applications to address specific needs. For instance, businesses could feed their mission critical systems with valuable data collected through their guest WiFi.

Cloud4Wi’s Splash is a powerful WiFi management solution that defeats complexity and meets the demands of the most advanced businesses. If you are interested to know how your business can benefit from Splash, contact us now!