Location-based services

If a store’s location is key to retail success, certainly customers’ locations are also important. Yet, until recently, retailers had little to no insight into where their customers were actually located, even when customers were inside a shopping mall or large store about to make a purchase.

Cloud4Wi is a leader in giving retailers the power of customer engagement, analytics, and now, location-based services, which use smart devices to deliver information to customers based on their location in real time.

This enables a personalized, seamless shopping experience, driven in part by content keyed to the customer’s present location and destination. Being helpful when needed, without getting in the way, helps location-based services build customer delight.

Shoppers’ lives, made simple

Cloud4Wi, known for its guest WiFi solution, has created the ultimate location-based services, useful inside shopping malls, large stores, and other indoor venues.

The Cloud4Wi platform uses location information from WiFi access points to determine individual customer locations. Where pinpoint GPS signals often do not penetrate buildings, the local WiFi network remains strong, able to create location “fixes” used to deliver personalized messages and promotions for users on the guest WiFi network.

Everybody wins

Used creatively, location-based services meet real customer needs for location, directions, shopping suggestions and other information. All relevant to where the customer is located and where they are going, in real time.

Merchants and mall operators use the services to help customers in ways previously not possible, while delivering strong promotional messages and creating customer engagement.

Location-based services are one of the focuses of Cloud4Wi’s 2016-2017 development program and new features and technologies will be released throughout the year.

If you would like to have your guest WiFi drive location-based customer satisfaction, please drop us a line and we will be in touch.