Company overview

PerDormire specializes in the artisanal production and distribution of mattresses and beds that are 100% made in Italy. It’s rapidly becoming one of the most notable players in the market today, with a significant presence both locally and abroad. With over 120 stores across the Italian territory, PerDormire operates through two main wholesale and retail business units. Founded in 1971, the company leverages superior craftsmanship and technology to produce premium bedding merchandise hat’s loved by customers all over the globe.

The challenge

PerDormire was looking for a simple way to get to know customers who are shopping in its brick-and-mortar stores. The company wanted to bridge the gap between online and offline retail and was looking for a solution that would provide meaningful and holistic customer insights.

Specifically, PerDormire needed a solution that would let it:

  • Grow the brand’s database and collect customer data in compliance with GDPR
  • Create comprehensive, 360-degree views of customers that included online and offline data
  • Interact with customers in exciting ways and provide personal shopping experiences
  • Transform in-store visitors from unknown to known customers and turn them into brand ambassadors

The solution

Paolo Luchi, the Sales & Marketing Director of PerDormire, came across Cloud4Wi at the Dreamforce Innovation Tour in San Francisco. He visited the company’s offices and discovered how Cloud4Wi’s application suite could help the brand connect the dots between different channels and create a personalized shopping experience.

PerDormire knew that it needed to go through a digital transformation to stay competitive, and it had identified Cloud4Wi as the best solution for the brand’s needs. Cloud4Wi had all the capabilities that would let PerDormire go through its digital transformation and put the customer at the center of all its efforts.

What’s more, Cloud4Wi integrates easily with any infrastructure and with various CRM and marketing automation systems, which would allow PerDormire to have an ecosystem of tightly-integrated solutions.

PerDormire recognized these advantages and decided to move forward with Cloud4Wi for its solution provider.

On the hardware side, Cloud4Wi recommended adopting Cisco Meraki — an industry leader in the IT space offering a comprehensive set of cloud-managed networking devices — because of its lean IT approach. This made it easier to roll out the WiFi infrastructure.

In March 2019, PerDormire started to deploy Cloud4Wi’s application suite across 76 of its stores. To kick things off, the brand launched a WiFi initiative to promote its in-store rewards program and customers were able to sign up through PerDormire’s welcome portal. In doing so, the brand was able to collect personal customer data and preferences while remaining compliant with GDPR.

One of the best things about PerDormire’s WiFi welcome portal is it gave customers multiple login options — including social media and email sign-up. This flexibility made it easier for people to connect, and as a result, PerDormire’s opt-in ratio soared. Customers who decided to sign-in with their email address had the option to provide additional info about themselves (i.e., full name, gender, and birthday), which helped PerDormire enrich its customer profiles.

Even better, Cloud4Wi’s application suite enabled PerDormire to assign a digital identity to a customer’s device on their initial login. Aside from helping the brand “remember” people who visited its stores, the digital identity also allowed PerDormire to understand the behavioral characteristics of its customers — such as the shops they visited, as well as the date and duration of each visit — in full compliance with GDPR.

Finally, the out-of-the-box marketing tools enabled PerDormire to offer a coupon to customers who join the brand’s “world” by accessing WiFi. In doing so, the brand was able to create a compelling shopping journey.

Thanks to Cloud4Wi, our customers — existing and potential — can join PerDormire’s world and share their information while being assured that their privacy is respected. Cloud4Wi enables us to get to know our customers better and has set up an infrastructure that would allow us to optimize the shopping journey of each individual customer.

Paolo Luchi, Sales & Marketing Director, PerDormire


PerDormire’s WiFi project yielded tremendous results. Thanks to Cloud4Wi’s solution, the brand was able to collect data from 1,400+ customers in just three months. Engagement rates were also off the charts. Consider the following:

  • PerDormire saw an opt-in rate of 81%
  • The brand’s email open rate reached 82% — well above the industry average
  • Coupon redemption rate reached 53%

And that’s just the beginning. Promoting PerDormire’s rewards program is just the first phase of its long-term plan to engage customers. Going forward, the company intends to enrich its customer profiles and create personalized experience across its online and offline stores.

Next steps

In addition to rolling out Cloud4Wi’s solution across even more locations, PerDormire plans to leverage APIs to feed customer data into Salesforce Sales Cloud. Using Cloud4Wi, customer profiles on Salesforce Sales Cloud will be enriched with valuable in-store behavioral characteristics such as which stores customers visited and when the trips took place.

By integrating the data collected through multiple sources, PerDormire will be able to build an updated profile of each customer, including their related online and offline purchasing preferences and habits.

Thanks to this 360 view of each customer, PerDormire will also be able to personalize the customer experience in an omnichannel scenario across all possible touch points — including sales assistants, in-store tablets, customers’ devices, etc — with the ultimate goal of simplifying the purchasing process.

What’s more, PerDormire has plans to use the data it collected to launch social media look-alike campaigns. This is an incredibly powerful initiative because it will allow the brand to get in front of people who are likely interested in PerDormire’s offerings. Since look-alike campaigns target people who resemble a brand’s existing customers, PerDormire will be able to scale its marketing and sales efforts and increase its reach in an efficient and cost- effective way.

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customer profiles collected in just 3 months

opt-in ratio

email open rate

coupon redemption rate