Company overview

Guess is an American clothing brand and retailer that also specializes in accessories such as watches, jewelry, bags and shoes.

Guess was originally conceived by the Marciano brothers in 1981, and eventually grew to be among the first companies to ever create designer denim jeans.

To date, Guess is one of the leading fashion retail brands worldwide, with over 14.000 employees and a strong global presence, with over 700 stores across Europe and the Middle East, more than 400 across the Americas and another 400 stores in Asia and the Pacific.

The challenge

Guess understood that to remain relevant in today’s fashion retail world, adopting the right technology solution to create personalized customer journeys would be key. The company wanted to learn more about how customers behave in their stores, creating 360-degree customer profiles to cater more relevant message campaigns, while also revealing real-time moments in the customer journey to trigger messages at the right time and place.

Specifically, Guess wanted to:

  • Provide seamless connectivity services in their stores
  • Grow their customer database and collect customer location data in compliance with privacy regulations worldwide
  • Build a comprehensive, 360-degree customer view of customers by seamlessly integrating Cloud4Wi with their martech stack
  • Reveal real-time moments in the customer journey to connect at the right time and place with perfectly targeted messages

The solution

Guess identified in Cloud4Wi the perfect solution for ramping up their Cisco Meraki IT infrastructure, allowing them to provide seamless connectivity and digital services in their stores, while also helping marketing create a comprehensive 360-degree customer view. To make this happen, Guess understood that Cloud4Wi’s martech integration framework would prove essential in deploying effective customer-centric journeys.

With Cloud4Wi’s support, Guess adopted a three-phase, step-by-step approach, to help offset the intrinsic complexity of the project: 1) phase-one contemplated leveraging multiple channels to promote marketing programs to customers in-store; 2) phase-two required building 360-degree profiles for all their customers; and 3) phase-three aimed to offer personalized journeys to customers, both in the physical world and online.

Guess kicked off the project with a pilot deployment across 90+ stores in Europe, which helped them identify the most impactful winning elements of their digital strategy right off the bat. Thanks to the initial learnings from the pilot, the project was then extended to stores in the US.

The Cloud4Wi solution is currently active across approximately 500+ stores worldwide, collecting more than 5,000 subscribers per week.

To promote their marketing programs in-store, Guess launched perfectly branded, localized WiFi onboarding experiences that incentivize customers to connect and subscribe through a 100% consent-based approach. The customer location data revealed with Cloud4Wi (email address, phone number, demographics, and in-store behaviors) is then managed and activated with native integrations, allowing Guess to sync this data seamlessly to their CDP (hosted on Microsoft Azure). In fact, Cloud4Wi also checks in real-time whether a customer has already subscribed to the company’s marketing programs, presenting a different onboarding experience accordingly. This process is essential to avoid contact duplication, and thus maintain clean and actionable data-sets while also contextualizing in-store digital journeys to specific customers.

The invaluable customer location data revealed with Cloud4Wi enables the marketing team at Guess to build actionable, location-aware customer profiles, including in-store customer behaviors, preferences, opinions, and much more. With this data Guess is then able to deliver personalized customer journeys and send targeted, relevant messages, at the right time and place.


The customer location data project launched by Guess has already demonstrated outstanding potential and continues to show strong signs of positive impact on the company’s digital marketing activities. In just a matter of months Guess was able to:

  • Deploy across 500+ global stores
  • Collect over 21,800 new subscribers per month across all enabled locations
  • Reveal 1M+ of real-time moments yearly

Next steps

Guess continues its global roll-out of Cloud4Wi and is currently planning to deploy our customer-centric solution in more than 700 stores worldwide.

To boost the impact of this initiative further, Guess plans to sync Cloud4Wi data also to Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This will allow the company to leverage real-time moments revealed with Cloud4Wi to target customers at the right time and place with the perfect message. For example, by joining the 360-degree CDP customer views with real-time triggers pushed to the marketing cloud, Guess will be able to send welcome messages as soon as customers enter an enabled store, incentivizing them to purchase or to take advantage of a specific service. Given the wealth of knowledge that Cloud4Wi helps Guess acquire on their customers, location-based message campaigns can be tailored to meet the specific habits or behaviors of a given customer segment.

This integration will undoubtedly represent an incredible tool for creating personalized interactions, that are contextualized on the basis of real-time customer location, and tailored to match specific attributes of individual customers.


opted-in contacts per month


of real-time moments yearly