Company overview

Almod Diamonds manufactures and sells jewelry through Diamonds International’s chain of retail stores. The company has more than 125 stores across the Caribbean, Mexico, and the United States and it’s the most highly recommended jewelry store in the Caribbean. Catering mostly to tourists, Almod Diamonds is the world’s largest duty-free retailer.

The challenge

Almod Diamonds has a prominent presence among tourists in the Caribbean. And while this has served the company well, catering to tourists means that Almod’s stores didn’t see a lot of regular customers. Tourists are typically one-time shoppers and those who return would usually come back after several years.

Almod wanted to maximize its customer relationships by collecting customer contact details so the retailer can stay in touch even after they’ve left the island.
The main challenge was the brand didn’t have a system that could collect data digitally. Prior to using Cloud4Wi, the stores were taking down customer data using pen and paper — a method that was inefficient and incurred unnecessary storage costs.

Almod Diamonds also wanted to improve the in-store experiences of its customers. Tourists would often come in asking for WiFi connectivity, and Almod wanted to serve its customers better by allowing them to go online while they’re in the store.

As such, Almod Diamonds sought out a solution that would:

  • Allow stores to collect customer data while remaining compliant with GDPR
  • Help the company grow its database so it can encourage customers to purchase online
  • Enable Almod’s stores to enhance the shopping experience through free WiFi

The solution

Almod Diamonds implemented the WiFi infrastructure first, using Open Mesh. The company initially tried to develop its own solution for collecting customer data, but the effort wasn’t effective. So, Almod Diamonds decided to scout for technology vendors that can solve its challenges.

Almod Diamonds’ CIO Yoav Guttmann came across Cloud4Wi when he visited thePrada and Bulgari stores in New York City. Then after looking at other technology vendors, he decided to go with Cloud4Wi.

This proved to be an excellent move, as Cloud4Wi ticked all the right boxes for Almod Diamonds. Cloud4Wi’s application suite enabled the brand to collect customer data while respecting their privacy.

In addition, Almod was able to get to know customers better by gathering their in-store behavioral characteristics, including the stores they previously visited, the date of each visit, and related dwell time.

Best of all, Cloud4Wi gave Almod the ability to validate email addresses, so the brand can ensure that it’s building a clean customer database that’s ready-to-use for marketing campaigns. To top it all off, Cloud4Wi’s solution came with out-of-the-box marketing tools that made it easy to engage customers during their journey.

What’s more, Almod Diamonds stores were able to provide better experiences thanks to free WiFi. Getting online was fast and simple, and all customers had to do was enter their information using an easy-to-use splash portal.

Upon logging in, Almod Diamonds sent out an email welcoming customers into the brand’s “world.” This created an excellent first impression and experience for customers.

In summary, Cloud4Wi’s solution gave Almod Diamonds the ability to:

  • Collect customer data while respecting their privacy
  • Get to know customers better by gaining insights into in-store behaviors like dwell time, stores visited, and more
  • Grow the brand’s database while ensuring that every email is valid and clean
  • Improve the shopping experience through an easy-to-use splash page • Engage customers throughout their journey using the platform’s built-in marketing tools

Cloud4Wi gave us the opportunity to collect and validate customer data without adding any complexity to the process.

The solution shows how technology and marketing can work beautifully together. Thanks to Cloud4Wi’s application suite, we’re able to gain more customer ’ insights, which we can then use to further drive revenue.

Yoav Guttmann, SVP Global CIO, Almod Diamonds


In December 2017, Mr Guttmann launched Cloud4Wi’s solution across 80 stores in the Caribbean Islands. As part of the deployment, the company created branded splash pages for all its stores, which supported multiple languages (English, French, Deutsch).

The effort yielded tremendous results. Almod Diamonds achieved a 90% opt-in ratio and created 120 customer profiles per store monthly.

By using Cloud4Wi’s application suite, Almod Diamonds has gotten to know its customers a lot better.

In addition to collecting demographic and contact details — including full name, gender, country, email address and phone number — the company was able to access in-store behavioral insights into each customer’s dwell time and store visits.

And thanks to email verification, the brand can ensure that every entry in its database is valid and accurate.

From a customer engagement standpoint, having free WiFi gave customers more convenient shopping experiences. Almod Diamonds used Cloud4Wi’s marketing capabilities to send emails to its customers welcoming them to the brand’s “world.” In doing so, the company was able to connect better with customers and stay on their radar.

Next steps

With guest WiFi successfully in place, Almod Diamonds has ambitious plans to use the Cloud4Wi’s application suite to further help the company drive business revenue.

The company plans to use APIs to feed customer data into their Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Using Cloud4Wi, customer profiles on Salesforce will be enriched with valuable in-store behavioral characteristics. This information will then be linked to online behaviors like website visits and email open rates. When this happens, the brand will gain a 360-degree view of its customers.

Promotional programs are also on the company’s radar. Almod Diamonds wants to send email and SMS messages to customers when they leave its stores, so the brand can encourage them to shop online.

This move can be a game-changer for the company. Because Almod Diamonds caters to tourists who don’t stop by its stores regularly, being able to send post-visit messages will drive sales even after customers have left the store.

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customer profiles collected per month per store

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