Seamless connectivity is now a crucial aspect of the digital guest experience in the dynamic hospitality industry. According to a survey by, 56% of travelers prioritize free WiFi as the most important hotel amenity, surpassing complimentary breakfast or a pool. Furthermore, a research report by Hotel Internet Services (HIS) revealed that 94% of respondents consider WiFi availability when choosing a hotel, while 38% of guests would avoid rebooking a hotel after a poor WiFi experience during their previous stay.

Hotel stakeholders, including hotel guests, loyalty members with mobile apps, and event attendees, hold unique expectations for frictionless digital services and experiences during their stay. Accommodating these diverse needs poses a significant challenge for hotels.

Hotel guests: seamless connectivity on arrival

Hotel guests expect instant and hassle-free connectivity upon arrival, seeking seamless and secure WiFi access for work, entertainment, and communication purposes. A study by Statista found that approximately 84% of hotel guests utilize WiFi during their stay.

Ensuring a consistent and seamless WiFi experience across multiple properties and across multiple spaces at the same property can be complex for hotel brands. Also, implementing bandwidth allocation through tiered access (e.g., based on guest name and room number, charging via the PMS), and maintaining network security all present significant challenges.

To address these issues, hotel brands can leverage the Passpoint technology, offering automatic and secure WiFi access to guests upon arrival without any manual intervention. Through a captive portal, guests gain easy enrollment in Passpoint by downloading the required profile onto their devices. This seamless process ensures that enabled devices automatically and securely connect to the hotel’s WiFi networks at any property, overcoming the periodic MAC address changes introduced by device manufacturers to prevent tracking and profiling, commonly known as MAC randomization.

Furthermore, by joining the WBA OpenRoaming federation or establishing peer-to-peer WiFi roaming agreements with various entities, hotel brands can authenticate guests using the Passpoint profiles provided by these third parties. This further enhances the overall guest WiFi experience, elevating guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Loyalty members: streamlining WiFi access and personalization

Enhancing the guest experience is vital for hotel brands, and loyalty members play a significant role in this endeavor with their mobile apps offering personalized services. By seamlessly integrating the WiFi with the loyalty program, hotel brands can elevate the digital guest experience.

Leveraging a powerful WiFi mobile SDK and Passpoint technology, hotel brands can enable their loyalty members with the brand’s mobile app to automatically and securely connect to WiFi upon their arrival after a one time activation, eliminating the hassle of separate passwords or logins.

Leading global hotel brands are setting prime examples of forward-looking initiatives to improve the on-property digital guest experience. With features like automatic WiFi connectivity, guests can seamlessly connect to WiFi upon arrival, elevating their stay at thousands of hotels worldwide.

Event attendees: high-density WiFi with Passpoint

Events are a crucial revenue stream in the hospitality market. Event attendees place high expectations on the availability of reliable and fast WiFi access throughout the venue, whether it’s for conferences, meetings, weddings or social gatherings. To meet these demands, hotel brands must consider essential factors, such as creating private WiFi networks, ensuring dedicated bandwidth, and even offering paid services for the most demanding attendees that require increased speed.

Providing those attendees with the access code and the web link to download the Passpoint profile, or joining the WBA OpenRoaming federation or having peer-to-peer WiFi roaming agreements can address these requirements. This is paramount for brands committed to providing an exceptional experience for event attendees.

How Passpoint powers the hospitality industry

Offering WiFi to different user personas in the hospitality industry comes with its own set of challenges. Hotel guests, loyalty members, and event attendees each have unique expectations and demands when it comes to on-property digital experiences. Leveraging technologies like Passpoint and WBA OpenRoaming, hotel brands can overcome these challenges and deliver seamless and personalized digital guest experiences. This way the hospitality industry can continue to enhance guest satisfaction, drive loyalty, and stay ahead in an increasingly connected world.

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