Guest WiFi is a unique and powerful tool that provides answers to some vexing management questions. Whether you are a CIO, CMO, CDO or even CEO there are answers guest WiFi can reveal that are hard to discover using other means.
Here are 8 key questions, which guest WiFi generates answers to.

1. How can I increase my email list?

Guest WiFi can ask your customers to register to use your free WiFi. During registration, you can give customers’ devices a digital identity and seek their information. You can validate this information, including emails and phone numbers, as you prefer. We recommend keeping it simple, such as an email and/or social network account to offer customers a seamless WiFi onboarding. During registration, you can also seek permission to contact customers using email addresses or phone numbers they provide. With that opt-in permission, you are free to contact them with promotional messages, newsletters, and so forth.

2. How can I learn what my customers think and want?

Guest WiFi can deliver surveys to your customers while they are in your store. Ask store-related questions, find out what is on your customers’ minds and seek their opinion about the shopping experience. Responses will not be anonymous, providing an opportunity to target problems.

3. How can I promote loyalty programs and trigger in-store rewards?

Guest WiFi records a member’s every visit and presence-trigger APIs can add loyalty points for each visit, subject to specific criteria to prevent, for instance, more than one visit during a 24-hour period. The program can generate reward messages/coupons sent to the members through email or text and provide other benefits.

4. How can I determine attraction, conversion and retention rates?

Leveraging WiFi Analytics, guest WiFi can see the traffic of WiFi devices that appear and determine how many enter your store versus the number that just walk past. This way you can easily calculate the attraction rate. Since the WiFi Analytics track the number of returning visitors, you can also measure the retention rate. Plus you can determine the conversion rate, that is the ratio of those who enter the store and make a purchase versus those who do not, achieved by comparing presence data with POS data through APIs.

5. How can I promote special deals?

Guest WiFi can fire off a presence-triggered coupon, text, or email message to promote special deals the moment it sees a customer enter or leave your store. It can also operate based on when the customer is most likely to return, comparing previous visits.

6. How can I promote new products and services?

Adding videos or splash ads to the customer welcome journey is a great way to promote new products and services, but keep in mind not to overdo it or present products that are not broadly interesting. Some customers do not like these videos and may consider them intrusive.

7. How can I increase mobile app adoption and retention?

Promote your mobile app during the customer registration process and subsequent welcomes to your network. Make your app easy-to-download and provide an easy way to access guest WiFi and other app features. Ideally, your mobile app becomes the primary method customers use to access WiFi and other store resources online.

8. How can I boost social media presence?

By using the social login you can gather customer demographic information, useful for identifying the target audience and building powerful social media marketing programs. You can also encourage your customers to ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ your accounts, ‘Check-in’ to your location, and create posts on their own accounts.

Guest WiFi is much more than giving customers a free Internet connection while they shop or drink coffee, it can be a strategic asset in building customer loyalty and satisfaction.

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