There are two kinds of people that we know: Those who love shopping and those who most definitely do not. But why do some people love to shop while others don’t?

We’d like to tell you, but it is personal. Really personal. And sorry for the pun, but people love to give money to stores that make them feel personally special and cared about.

In our experience, this is true about both online and in-person merchants. If people do not get this personal experience, it drains the shopping enthusiasm.

Brick-and-mortar stores face serious challenges in engaging customers personally and wrapping them in their brand’s warm glow. Unfortunately, even knowing which customers are in a store and what each wants is a huge challenge.

Guest WiFi can help bridge the online/offline gap, turning  anonymous customers into brand lovers. But how?


High-touch personal service

Guest WiFi enables tagging high-value customers. So when they enter the store a notice is delivered to the sales assistant, with a picture and profile of the customer. The profile should show his or her recent purchases, long-term history, demographics, interests, and whatever additional information the store has available.

Stores can transmit this information wirelessly to the sales staff, after training them how to use it without intruding upon customer’s privacy. The customer receives high-touch personal service thanks to a high-tech solution and merged profile information.


Superior digital experience

Guest WiFi plays several important roles in providing customers with a superior digital experience. Guest WiFi records when customers enter and leave the store, generating information that can trigger personalized content reaching customers before, during, or after a visit. It can also do retention duty in regards to customers who have not been into the store as often as before.

Content could be delivered by emails, text messages, and push notifications over beacon to keep customers in your brand’s embrace.


Guest WiFi and customer touch work together

These and other features give brands new ways to make customers feel appreciated and cared about. They are potent tools for building a shared personal and digital customer touch. With guest WiFi, brands can understand in-person shopping habits and traffic patterns. More importantly, guest WiFi can help develop, maintain, and extend your brand’s personal relationship with customers. Done right and respectfully, this is something both customers and brands find beneficial.

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