Global brands are increasingly being driven by worldwide networks, including global guest WiFi. As WiFi has become an expected amenity by customers, it has also risen as a source for personal customer information matched by few others.

Yet bringing everything together can be a challenge and brands need platforms that are both powerful to bring network resources together, and also manageable to function well at multiple locations around the world.

Adapt locally yet think globally

Global management is driven by consistency. In the case of guest WiFi, this requires all the welcome portals, login steps, welcome messages, etc. to be almost identical, at least in function. This allows a single management team to control the entire global service.

The local language issues need to be taken into consideration as well. This can be achieved by providing consistent elements placed on pages in basically the same location so an English speaker for instance, can manage a page written in Polish or Portuguese because of the great user experience.

One place for global guest WiFi management

Besides consistent welcome portals and regulatory issues, a common and flexible management panel is also necessary. Managers should be able to organize tasks that best suit the needs, so permissions can be assigned to platform users, based on job function, location, or other variables as needed.

This could allow local managers to make specific changes to elements on customer-facing welcome portals to promote local news and events. Top level management should be able to delegate chosen permissions across the organization to facilitate the best of play global and look local across their brand.

Tailor guest WiFi to global business opportunities

Designing such an optimized global guest WiFi, responsive to local laws with as little sacrifice as possible, is a discussion that should take place from the beginning of the project. To sustain the magnitude of global collaboration, trade-offs may be acceptable. Even compromises are welcomed to make global guest Wi-Fi do as much as possible everywhere it is installed. As brands expand their guest WiFi expectations, the importance of scalability grows. Being able to manage global guest WiFi and harvest data from a single dashboard available everywhere is more than a good idea, it is a C-suite demand.

Offering a global guest WiFi that is easy to manage and configure at any location is not a far away dream. Brands are doing it now and so can you, but there are many steps to plan for and around, and these are just a few of them.

Good planning is key and that starts with customers who know what they want and work closely with vendors to develop a plan that guarantees success.

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