In today’s digital era, companies are driven to forge deeper connections and provide personalized experiences for their customers. Location-aware technologies have emerged as a transformative force, empowering companies to harness real-time customer location data and deliver contextual interactions. These technologies offer unprecedented opportunities to revolutionize customer experiences and set new standards in the digital landscape.

Scenario #1: WiFi captive portal only

WiFi captive portals are a valuable tool for companies to gather essential customer data and gain insights into their target audience. By seamlessly collecting information like names, email addresses, phone numbers and demographic details through captive portals, companies can enhance their understanding of customers, while ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

Additionally, integrating feedback mechanisms and surveys within WiFi captive portals enables companies to gather real-time customer preferences and opinions. This feedback loop allows companies to gain valuable insights into customer interests and satisfaction, identify areas for enhancement and improve products/services and the overall customer experience.

Moreover, effective utilization of WiFi captive portals enables companies to expand their subscriber base effortlessly and nurture loyalty program memberships. This can be easily implemented through a real-time integration between captive portals and CRM or loyalty program systems.

WiFi captive portals also provide a unique opportunity for companies to display targeted advertisements, showcase new products or services, and generate excitement around upcoming events. By strategically leveraging captivating visuals and compelling messaging during the captive portal login process, companies can capture customers’ attention, enhance brand visibility, and generate curiosity, ultimately sparking interest in their offerings.

Scenario #2: Adding Passpoint WiFi mobile SDK to captive portal

Leveraging a Passpoint WiFi mobile SDK enables companies to offer captivating on-premises app experiences to customers who have downloaded the brand’s mobile app.

By integrating the Passpoint WiFi mobile SDK, companies can provide customers with a seamless WiFi connection, eliminating the need for manual input and ensuring a frictionless in-app experience. Customers can effortlessly make in-app payments or utilize convenient scan-and-go features while physically present at the company’s location.

The deterministic location awareness of the Passpoint WiFi mobile SDK empowers companies to activate on-premise app mode, delivering contextually relevant content based on the specific location visited by the customer. In a hotel setting, for example, the app automatically enables services related to the specific hotel, such as food ordering or spa appointment booking.

To enhance the customer experience and foster lasting relationships, companies can leverage push notifications triggered by specific on-premise customer actions, such as entering or leaving a location. This enables highly targeted and personalized messaging. For instance, a retail store can greet customers with a personalized welcome message, offering a special discount or showcasing new arrivals. Similarly, when customers leave a location, a retailer can trigger push notifications to express gratitude, invite them to participate in surveys or provide feedback, or offer exclusive promotions as an incentive for future visits.

Scenario #3: Geofence SDK as the cherry on the cake

Integrating a geofence SDK into their app enables companies to expand location-aware experiences beyond their physical locations. With exceptional accuracy, the geofence SDK allows companies to pinpoint customers with the brand’s app right down to the outdoor location front and then send real-time push notifications. For example, companies can attract nearby customers with perfectly tailored messages, increasing footfall and driving sales. Companies can also leverage the geofence SDK to send timely, targeted messages to customers when they are near competitors’ locations, allowing them to offer compelling incentives or promotions and win back customers effectively.

Unlocking location-aware technologies

Location-aware technologies revolutionize customer connections, fostering personalized and contextually relevant experiences. Through WiFi captive portals, Passpoint WiFi SDK, and geofence SDK integration, companies gain valuable customer location data, offer seamless in-app experiences, and expand their presence beyond physical boundaries. This empowers companies to nurture customer relationships, boost brand visibility, and thrive in a fiercely competitive market.

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