In today’s digital world, retailers strive to enhance customer experiences and build loyalty through innovative approaches. One such method is the implementation of robust in-store WiFi networks that provide seamless connectivity and enable location-aware experiences. By embracing a hybrid approach with Passpoint technology, WiFi roaming, and a customized captive portal, retailers can take their customer engagement strategies to the next level.

Passpoint: seamlessly connecting customers

Delivering a frictionless mobile app experience, regardless of indoor cellular coverage challenges, is a top priority for retailers with a strong mobile app strategy. Passpoint technology comes to the rescue by enabling seamless and secure WiFi connectivity for customers with the mobile app. Leveraging a powerful WiFi mobile SDK, retailers can effortlessly onboard customers onto their Passpoint-enabled WiFi networks. This means that on subsequent visits, customers can connect without authentication hurdles, eliminating the need for repetitive login processes and ensuring an uninterrupted in-store experience.

Moreover, an advanced WiFi SDK provides retailers with an added advantage of delivering location-aware experiences. Unlike traditional location services that rely heavily on smartphone permissions (with a low average always-on location permission rate of around 5%), the WiFi SDK solution reveals customer location in real-time, regardless of smartphone location services. This location information is obtained with the customer’s consent, allowing retailers to dynamically update mobile app content and services based on the specific store the customer is visiting. This hyper-personalization enables retailers to offer targeted promotions, recommend relevant products, and enhance the overall shopping experience.

WiFi roaming: simplifying in-store WiFi access

Retailers can further simplify WiFi access for customers who already have Passpoint profiles by establishing WiFi roaming agreements with mobile operators that support EAP-SIM technology or joining the WBA OpenRoaming federation. By doing so, customers with Passpoint profiles can effortlessly and securely connect to the retailer’s WiFi network. This streamlined authentication process eliminates the need for manual logins, providing a seamless WiFi experience for roaming users.

Captive portal: engaging in-store customers

Acknowledging that not all customers have their mobile app or a Passpoint profile already installed, retailers can offer a fully branded captive portal as an entry point to their WiFi network. Through the captive portal, customers can access the WiFi network while providing consented customer data. This data serves as a valuable resource for gaining insights into customer preferences and behavior, forming the foundation for delivering personalized offers, promotions, and loyalty programs. The captive portal is also an easy and quick way to onboard customers into retailer’s Passpoint-based network. During the onboarding process, retailers can invite customers to download the Passpoint profile, and enjoy a seamless and secure WiFi experience.

To make the captive portal experience interactive and engaging, retailers can leverage gamification. By offering incentives and rewards, such as exclusive discounts or access to unique content, retailers can drive customer engagement and strengthen brand affinity. The captive portal becomes a powerful tool for customer acquisition and retention, fostering a sense of community and delivering targeted marketing messages.

Revolutionizing customer interactions with in-store WiFi

By adopting a hybrid approach that combines Passpoint, WiFi roaming, and a customized captive portal, retailers can overcome the challenges associated with delivering seamless WiFi connectivity while enabling location-aware experiences. The integration of a powerful WiFi SDK plays a pivotal role in providing frictionless mobile app experiences, personalized promotions, and simplified WiFi access for customers.

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