A challenging environment for service providers

Service providers everywhere are facing intensifying competition in broadband, voice and mobile, and video delivery. As broadband markets saturate, service providers’ survival increasingly depends on their ability to evolve business models and add new and attractive services.

To face this challenge, service providers must strengthen their market position by offering more relevant and innovative services, especially to SMBs that have traditionally been neglected in favor of larger enterprise customers.

Give SMB customers what they want

SMBs have their own challenges to tackle. SMBs are being increasingly squeezed by online commerce giants and are pressured to continuously adapt to the fast-changing needs of sophisticated and always-connected customers. In order to retain existing customers and attract new ones, SMBs must rethink the on-site customer experience and start embracing and integrating online components.

WiFi services, if deployed and managed properly, can help SMBs reach these marketing and business objectives. By offering customers in-venue WiFi connectivity, SMBs can:

  • Build their brand. SMBs want to provide their customers an easy-to-use, branded welcome portal to the Internet, which also makes onboarding an instant and positive experience.
  • Grow their business. WiFi services bring SMBs the marketing and customer engagement capabilities to stay relevant in the digital economy.
  • Understand and target consumers. WiFi services enable SMBs to better understand customer behavior, such as number of visits, length of visits, retention rate, and so on.

Who will supply SMBs with the right WiFi services?

Ideally, SMBs will buy WiFi from a service provider they already know and trust, one that is competent and professional, and has their best business interest at heart.

Existing service providers have cards to play – massive customer reach, control of the best quality public networks, deep knowledge of subscribers’ behavior, expertise in managing large numbers of devices and users, and also billing – deep customer relationship often come with a carrier bill.

What are the benefits for service providers?

Currently, guest WiFi technology providers have targeted SMBs directly, rather than offer service providers a white label solution. With an OTT services platform, service providers can quickly deploy WiFi and either sell on top of their existing services or expand to new markets. This drives a new revenue stream to service providers in many ways:

  • Opening a New Dialog with the SMB Customer – WiFi services are something all prospects understand and is an easy solution for sales teams to learn and communicate to prospects. The cross-selling, upselling, and down-selling opportunities with WiFi are extensive.
  • Retaining the SMB Customer Base – By empowering SMB customers with the marketing and customer engagement capabilities they need to stay relevant, WiFi helps service providers attract and retain SMBs.
  • Expanding the SMB Customer Base – By leveraging OTT WiFi architecture, service providers can overlay this cloud-based service to any SMB with broadband Internet. For service providers with heterogeneous network platforms, this is an ideal solution.
  • Delivering Tiered Program Packages for SMBs’ Specific Needs – WiFi lets service providers deliver various levels of offerings, but can also give flexibility to the SMB, letting them select their own service package.

Now is the time for OTT WiFi services

Service providers now have a huge business opportunity to offer WiFi to SMBs in retail, hospitality, restaurant – any sector where customers want to get connected. With WiFi, service providers can generate significant revenues and margins.

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