Guest WiFi has become a necessity for businesses all of sizes. Enterprises need to support BYOD for both employees and visitors, while SMBs need to meet the demand from on-site visitors. However, the most effective guest WiFi solutions go beyond just basic connectivity. Businesses want to be able to integrate guest WiFi with digital strategies that are already in place, such as CRM systems. With advanced guest WiFi, service providers are presented huge opportunities to better serve both their enterprise and SMB customers.

#1: Open new dialogues

Service providers are often challenged to offer their customers something more than basic voice and data services. In order to draw in new prospects, service providers need to provide a comprehensive solution that not only keeps visitors happy, but can also work to bring value to the business itself.

Offering guest WiFi in stores, restaurants, hotels, and other bricks-and-mortar locations helps do both. Businesses can leverage guest WiFi immediately, generate more revenue, and reduce lost business without lengthy payback periods.


#2: Expand customer databases

The new guest WiFi dialog not only revives lackluster customer relationships, but also helps protect them. A business, whether big or small, wanting to offer WiFi to its visitors will turn to its existing service provider – thus presenting an upsell opportunity. If its current service provider does not offer a guest WiFi solution, then the business will seek one that does, compromising the original service provider-business relationship.

#3: Offer tiered packages

The more robust a guest WiFi platform is, the easier it becomes for service providers to tailor and sell the service. Service providers and their customers want flexibility – they want to be able to customize their guest WiFi and delegate management. Some want to collect on-site analytics, others want to integrate their mobile app with guest WiFi.

To meet particular demands, service providers must be able to create tiered packages. This works to address different business segments, using further differentiation to increase average revenue per user (ARPU).

#4: Differentiate from other service providers

In many cases, guest WiFi offerings contain very limited functionalities – allowing visitors to get connected and that’s it. There’s no real value provided to the business that’s paying for the service. That’s why businesses are looking for a solution that can do more, one that can help them better understand their visitors, and how they behave onsite. Service providers can rely on more advanced guest WiFi platforms to really differentiate them from competitors. These advanced platforms not only get visitors connected, but can also provide valuable insights and engagement capabilities.


Finding the right guest WiFi service to do it all

2017 will undoubtedly be a big year for the guest WiFi industry, with more than $25B in annual software licensing revenue. Service providers need to grasp this opportunity by finding the right guest WiFi platform to fit into their portfolio offering. The one advanced guest WiFi platform that has all the features mentioned above, and can also satisfy industries of all types and sizes, is Cloud4Wi. With Cloud4Wi, service providers can seize unique business opportunities and enjoy a new stream of revenue – truly the right platform serve both enterprises and SMB customers.